Select Committee on European Union Forty-Ninth Report


Letter from the Chairman to David Jamieson MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department for Transport

  Thank you for your Explanatory Memorandum dated 8 July which Sub-Committee B considered at its meeting on 22 July.

  We strongly support the position which your Department has adopted. We see no reason for the Commission to accede to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) or the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and we are fully alert to the problems which such accession could bring. These have been set out very clearly in your EM.

  You suggest in paragraph 9 of your EM that an informal sounding among other Member States has revealed little support for the proposal. Nevertheless, we remain nervous and we should be grateful if you would keep us informed of the progress, if any, that this recommendation makes in the Working Group. In the meantime, the Scrutiny reserve on this document is maintained.

23 July 2002

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