Select Committee on European Union Third Report


Glossary of Acronyms and Technical Terms

BKA    Bundeskriminalamt

CEES    Common European Economic Space

CFSP    Common Foreign and Security Policy

ESDP    European Security and Defence Policy

EU    European Union

FATF    Financial Action Task Force

FRTD    Facilitated Rail Travel Document

FTD    Facilitated Travel Document

FYROM  Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

GDP    Gross Domestic Product

GNI    Gross National Income

HLG    High Level Group

IPR    Intellectual Industrial and Commercial Property Rights

MAP    Membership Action Plan

Minatom  Ministry of Atomic Energy

NATO    North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

OPEC    Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

PCA    Partnership and Co-operation Agreement

TACIS    EU Programme offering Russia financial assistance

UES    United Energy Systems of Russia

UN    United Nations

USSR    Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

WTO    World Trade Organization

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