Select Committee on European Union Third Report


EU Enlargement and NATO expansion

Accession Date to EU
Current Status

in NATO Application
Albania Not negotiating Participating in MAP
Bulgaria2007 Participating in MAP
Croatia Not negotiating Participating in MAP
Czech Republic2004 NATO member - joined 1999
Cyprus 2004Not negotiating
Estonia2004 Participating in MAP
FYROM* Not negotiating Participating in MAP
Hungary2004 NATO member - joined 1999
Latvia 2004Participating in MAP
Lithuania2004 Participating in MAP
Malta 2004Not negotiating
Poland2004 NATO member - joined 1999
Romania 2007 Participating in MAP
Slovakia2004 Participating in MAP
Turkey Accession negotiations yet to start NATO member - joined 1952

MAP    Membership Action Plan for joining NATO

FYROM*  Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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