Select Committee on European Union Seventh Report

CHAPTER 6: recommendations

81.  Civilian ESDP is an important challenge to the EU. We recommend:

—  That civilian ESDP be more transparent and clear to allow scrutiny by Member States; (para 20)

—  The scope and headline goals of civilian EDSP be clarified; (paras 21 and 68)

—  A clearer definition of the type of operation that the EU might consider undertaking to allow for more effective co-operation with several key organisations and to avoid duplication; (para33)

—  The geographical scope of civilian ESDP is related to the resources and structures available; (para 34)

—   A clearer definition of the four areas of civilian ESDP to cover the need to fill gaps in international crisis management capacity; (para 35)

—  The creation of an international training team of Member State experts; (para 69)

—  That the Convention for the Future of Europe consider the limitations of the current pillar structure; (para 70)

—  A more streamlined and responsive chain of command and control including other relevant organisations; (para 71)

—  Enhanced co-ordination on civil-military matters; (para72)

—  Member States should engage more directly with the European Parliament on civilian crisis management issues; (para 73) and

  • A long-term system of financing; (para74).

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