Select Committee on European Union Seventeenth Report


  The freedoms of the air are the rights granted by contracting States to the Chicago Convention to the other contracting States.

  There are five formal freedoms, set out in the "Five Freedoms Agreement" of 1944, which was signed by the Chicago signatories. There is also cabotage, which is not set out as a formal freedom. The list of formal freedoms is as follows:
FirstThe right of State A to fly across State B without landing.
SecondThe right of State A to land in State B for non-traffic purposes.
ThirdThe right of State A to take passengers (and cargo and mail) to State B (eg London—Paris).
FourthThe right of State A to pick up return passengers (etc) in State B (eg Paris-London).
FifthThe right of State A to pick up passengers in State B and take them on to State C (eg a UK carrier flying Paris-Munich).
CabotageThe right of State A to operate domestic services within state B (eg a UK carrier flying Paris-Nice).

  This chart is presented illustrate graphically the several types of traffic rights. The aircraft which is shown in each example is that of a flag carrier of Nation A.

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