Select Committee on House Fifth Report


Members' Expenses


A.  Members of the House of Lords, except those in receipt of a salary as a Minister, Office Holder or Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, are entitled to recover travel, subsistence and office costs incurred in connection with their parliamentary duties.

B.  Ministers and Office Holders are able to recover Secretarial Expenses incurred in respect of their Parliamentary duties. In addition, the Chairman of Committees, the Principal Deputy Chairman of Committees, Leader of the Opposition and Opposition Chief Whip are paid personal travelling expenses from home to the House of Lords.

C.  Lords of Appeal in ordinary are eligible for reimbursement of travelling expenses alone.


  Expenses payable to Members within category A above are linked to attendance at:

    —  sittings of the House (excluding attendance at the State Opening of Parliament and sittings for judicial business);

    —  meetings of committees and sub-committees of the House (except judicial business);

    —  meetings as a member of the Board of the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST);

    —  meetings as a member of the Parliamentary Broadcasting Unit Limited (PARBUL).

  Costs incurred in respect of an attendance at any other meeting, whether held at Westminster or not, cannot be recovered unless the Member attends a meeting as defined above on the same day.


  Facilities for free travel to enable Lords to attend the House for the purpose of their parliamentary duties were introduced in 1946. Lords were first able to claim limited reimbursement of other expenses in 1957. The current structure was broadly put in place following the recommendations of the then Top Salaries Review Body in 1979. Since 1994, allowances have been annually uprated by reference to the Retail Prices Index. The last report by the SSRB was in 2001 (Report No 48); its recommendations were accepted with effect from 20 June 2001. Subsistence and office costs allowances are up-rated with effect from 1 August each year, the travel allowances with effect from 1 April.

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