Select Committee on Liaison Third Report


Memorandum from Baroness Amos

Draft Bills and Pre-Legislative Scrutiny Government Proposals 2003-04

The Government has published 9 draft bills in Session 2002-03. We envisage publishing a similar, or slightly greater, number in Session 2003-04.

The Joint Committee on the draft Gambling Bill will continue its work, to conclude by 8 April 2004.

Draft bills on Disabled People and a Euro Referendum have already been promised for next Session. The draft Disabled People Bill has been promised by the end of the year.

A draft Charities Bill and a draft Mental Health bill (building on the partial draft published in June 2002) have also been announced, though not necessarily for next Session. And the Government has announced that it will endeavour to publish a draft Regional Assemblies Bill in advance of any referendum.

The Government will bring forward further plans for draft bills, and proposals for what form pre-legislative scrutiny might take if any, through the usual channels as soon as possible after The Queen's Speech.

10 November 2003

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