Select Committee on Unopposed Bill Committee Minutes of Evidence

Sections 760-764

London Local Authorities Bill [HL]

Wednesday 19 February 2003

760. MR LEWIS: Is your name Donal Brian Kerrigan?

(Mr Kerrigan) Yes.

761. MR LEWIS: Are you the deputy Director of Legal Services at Westminster City Council, the Promoters of the Bill?

(Mr Kerrigan) Yes, I am.

762. MR LEWIS: Have you read the preamble to this Bill as proposed to be amended?

(Mr Kerrigan) I have.

763. MR LEWIS: Is it true?

(Mr Kerrigan) It is.

764. CHAIRMAN: Thank you. That concludes our proceedings. We will report the Bill to the House with amendments. A special report giving our reasons for dissenting from certain of the recommendations made by a minister of the Crown will also be published in due course. Thank you very much.

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