Select Committee on Religious Offences in England and Wales First Report

Appendix 2


The evidence of the following witnesses has been printed. Those marked * also gave oral evidence, and their submissions can be found in Volume II. The remainder are in Volume III.

Al Khoei Foundation

Anderson, Mr J R and Mr K W Birch (Brethren)

*  Association of Muslim Lawyers UK

*  Attorney-General

Board of Deputies of British Jews

Bobbers Mill Community Centre

Bradley Evangelical Church

British Board of Film Classification

*  British Humanist Association

British-Israel World Federation

Buddhist Society, The

Catholic Bishops Conference

Caversham Hill Chapel, Reading

Centre for Justice and Liberty

Christian Institute, The

Christian Peoples Alliance

Christian Voice

Christian Watch

Churches' Commission for Inter Faith Relations

*  Church of England Archbishops' Council

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Church of Scientology

Cleethorpes Christian Centre

Commission for Racial Equality

*  Council for Christians and Jews

  Currie, Mr M A

Dereham Road Baptist Church, Norwich

Eatons Evangelical Church, Cambridge

Elim Way Fellowship, Plaistow

European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia

*  Evangelical Alliance

Evangelicals Now Limited

Eynsford Christian Fellowship

Fellowship of Independent Churches

*  Forum Against Islamophobia and Racism

Friends of the Western Buddhist Order

Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association

General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches

Glenfall Fellowship (Anglican), Cheltenham

Gospel Magazine, The

Gospel Standard Strict Baptist Societies, The

Harston Baptist Church

*  Hindu community - representatives

*  Home Office, The

Hounslow Jamia Masjid and Islamic Centre

*  Inter Faith Network for the UK

Inverness Free Church of Scotland, Inverness

Islamic Human Rights Commission

Islamic Institute, Liverpool

Islamic Society of Britain

Jehovah's Witnesses

Jubilee Campaign


Law Society of Scotland, The

Libertarian Alliance

London Buddhist Vihara, The

Manchester Buddhist Centre

Maranatha Community, The

Masjid-e-Iraan, Blackburn


Methodist Church, The

Missionary Training Service, The

Muslim Cemetery Trust

*  Muslim College

*  Muslim Council of Britain

Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony

*  Muslim News, The

Muslim Women's Group

Muslim Women's Welfare Organisation

National Churchwatch

*  National Secular Society

National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the UK

Oakington, Cambridgeshire, Strict Baptist Church

Old Baptist Church, Chippenham

Open-Air Mission, The

Overseas Pakistanis Education Foundation

*  Police Service

Preston Muslim Society

Protestant Alliance

  Representatives of various faith communities

Searchlight Information Services

Seventh Day Adventist Church

*  Sikh community - representatives

St Neots Evangelical Church, Cambridgeshire

St Peter's, Eaton Square, London

Strict Baptist Chapel, Croydon

Strict Baptist Chapel, Cranbrook, Kent

Tatchell, Mr Peter

Tireh Particular Baptist Church, Nuneaton

Trinitarian Bible Society

United Religions Initiative

Westoning Baptist Church, Bedfordshire

West Worthing Evangelical Church, West Sussex

Zion Baptist Chapel, Prestwood, Bucks

The following written evidence has not been printed, but is available for inspection at the House of Lords Record Office (020 7219 5314). A large proportion consists of short letters from members of the public, and many of the letters are couched in similar terms. A large majority of them (86%) were opposed to any change; 70% stressed the importance of retaining the law on blasphemy; a smaller proportion of the total (32%) also stated opposition to the introduction of an offence of incitement to religious hatred.

Ahmed, Mr Shouiab
Ali, M Akbar
al-Karmi, Dr H A
Allen, Helena
Anderson, Alex
Ashton, David
Atkin, Mrs C M
Ayton, Martin
Baldwin, Mr & Mrs P
Bamber, David
Band, Mr G and Mrs W R
Barber, Mrs P A
Barker, Jason and Jean
Barnaby, Wendy
Bayliss, Vernon
Beadstock, Mrs K
Bending, Mr M & Mrs
Benton, Dr J E
Beresford, Joan
Bingham, George
Birtwistle, Hugh
Bishop, J
Bond, Anthony
Bowles, Mrs J
Bright, Julie
Brooks, Revd P
Browning, Matthew J
Budden, Keith
Bull, Mr & Mrs A D
Burton, Mrs Lois
Butt, Mohammad Asshar
Campbell, Michael
Campbell, Mr & Mrs N & D
Cansell, Sarah
Carpenter, E C
Carpenter, Mrs S
Cawte, Terry C
Chapman, Steven
Charlesworth, Martin
Charter, P
Chumbley, S C
Clark, Michael A
Cleal, Mrs Mary
Cole, Chris
Coleman, D A
Cooke, Miss S E
Cozens, Rev G
Craig, Mr K

Crowter, Mr D

Cummins, Mrs J P
Cunningham, Gerald
Currie, Ms Elma
Dancer, A J
Davidson, Derek
Davidson, Dr Tian
Davies, Miss K, Mr Peter, and Mr and Mrs
Davies, Mrs Catherine
Davis, Peter
Dawson, Mr & Mrs P
Dendy, Jon
Docherty, Mr & Mrs W T
Drury, P O
Duck, Miss Anne
Dumpleton, Owen
Dyer, Colin
Dyson, Mr R L and Mrs K
Edwards-Clarke, Douglas
Elks, David
Ellis, Anna
Ellis, Mark
Everett, M G
Everett, Mrs J V
Farley, Howard
Faulks, Mrs S M
Findlay, Dr John S
Foster, Alan
Foster, Roy
Fraser, M
Gammage, Mrs A
Gammage, R W
Garcia,Mrs S
Gelder, J M
Gilderson, D J
Gill, Mr Brian
Gilmour, Mrs R D
Glenny, Patrick
Goldschmied, Asa
Goodson, Elisabeth
Gordon, Toni
Gordon-Clarke Mr S W, and Clarke, Mrs C N
Gower, Jill
Grassham, Rev Roger
Green, Brian & Celia
Green, Mrs Jan
Grunwald-Spier, Agnes
Gubbins, Mrs E A
Hadaway, W G H
Halliwell, Ms S R
Hammond, Mr M
Hammond, Mrs C
Harper, Mrs L
Harvey, Neil
Hayden, Dr P
Hayden, F
Hayward, Mrs V
Heath, Dr M J
Herdan, Ralph
Hewinson, Mrs Ann
Hillas, Councillor Deryck
Hinderwell, Pam
Hocking, Mr M R
Holt, A C
Hope, Mrs D E
House, Mr T Peter
Humphrey, John
Hydon, Mike
Iliffe, Mrs B W
Ireland, G
Jones, Carol
Jones, Mr S K
Jones, Mrs M E
Joy, Ms J
Keep, D J
Kennard, Mrs L R
Kennedy, S P
Kenney, Mrs B-June
Kozbaw, M
L R, Ms
Laidley, Herbert-Angus
Lake, Mrs J A
Land, Ms Sheila
Lawrence, Miss J P
Laws, Mr Bruce
Lewis, Mrs R & Family
Longman, Judith
Lovering, Celia
Lush, F J & K
MacGregor, Miss I K
Mackenzie, Mr & Mrs R
Macmillan, Terence
MacRae, David
MacRae, Mrs M
Malik, Hussain
Matheson, Mr P B
Matyjaszek, Edmund
McAndrew, Sean
McDawe, Mr & Mrs G
McIlroy, W J
McKay, P
McKnight, Lisa
McQueer, I and WL
McTeer, Rashid
Mears, Idris
Melhuish, S
Milne, John & Jean
Mitchell, Elizabeth
Moghal, Manzoor
Monkings, Ms Margaret
Moore, Dr D M and Mrs S C
Moore, Stephen J
Morrison, Mrs S A
Mottistone Lord
Munro, Miss J
Murray, Joann
Mutton, Ian
Myers, Susan
Nash James M
Neil, Chris
New, Ray
Nickless, David
Odgers, J & H
Osborn, Beryl C & Cynthia M
Osmond, Miss Rowena J
Owler, Miss D M
Oyelowo, David
Pack, J E
Packer, Ms S
Page, Norman
Palmer, Mrs Anne
Patrick, John

Patterson, Mark

Pattison, Mrs M A
Payton, D
Perrin, Dudley
Plumpton, Allan
Pocock, T J
Potten, Mavis
Price, Colin
Prickett, Mrs E R
Proom, T J
Pull, Inspector Robert
Purkiss, David S
Purkiss, Peter & Muriel
Purves, Allan
Pym, The Revd Francis
Quigley, Alistair
Quinn, Mr Joe
Ramsan, M
Randall, Petula
Repper, Keith and Dawn
Ritchie, James
Robertson, Andrew
Romilly, Adrian L
Ross, Alexander
Rowan Family
Sampson, John
Sattar, A
Seddon, Ms L M
Shepherd, Miss J A
Sheriff, Sarah
Siddiqui, Afsar
Sleep, Mrs J A
Smith, M & K
Smith, William
Sookhdeo, Rev Canon Dr Patrick
Spencer-Smith, Harry
Spreadbury, Mr David
Stephenson, Mr D A & Mrs J R
Stephens, Mrs H K D
Stevens, Mrs K
Stevens, Steve
Strange,G W
Stubbs, Tony and Rebecca
Sutton, Tim
Taj, Farouq
Tann, Mark
Taylor, Mrs Mabel
Tebbitt, Rt Hon the Lord
Thomas, Mr J Rod
Thompson, Mr J and Mrs A
Tindall, Mr & Mrs A
Tomlinson, Peter
Tostevin, Ray
Trimby, Andrew R
Tuck, Ralph
Tucker, Joan
Turner, Gordon
Vellacott, Miss Bethany
Viccars, Andy
Vince, Mrs L
Vizinczey, Stephen
Voong, Peng
Voysey, Miss J
Wager, Austin T
Wainwright, John
Walkes, Miss Margaret
Ward, Beryl R
Ward, Mr R I
Warren, Mr P L
Watts, Mr K A
Weatherhogg, Deborah
Weatherhogg, Dr J J
Weatherhogg, Nick
Wednesday Afternoon Church House Group, Members of the
Weekes, Mr & Mrs N
Wheatley, R K
Wheatley, Rowland
Whitaker, Miss A
White, Stuart
Whiteside, B & J
Whyman, Mr J B
Wickens, Martin
Wilks, Mr F R
Williams, Kenneth C
Wills, D I
Wilson, Graeme
Wilson, Liz
Wilson, Sonia
Witts, Miss C Eve
Woolgar,T L
Worsley, E J
Worsley, Peter
Wright, G
Yearwood, Pedro

In addition, individual members of the Committee received numerous letters, at their private addresses, after the deadline for written submissions had passed. All were similarly phrased and appeared to be part of a write-in campaign organised by "Christian Voice" (whose evidence has been published).

The Report of the Committee is published in Volume I

The oral evidence is published in Volume II

The written evidence is published in Volume III

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