Select Committee on Religious Offences in England and Wales Written Evidence

Submission from The British-Israel-World Federation


  Political correctness in a "multi-cultural" ethos cannot introduce Religious Hatred Offences without the faithful of all religions being set up as offenders. Hence the State would assume (D)ivine status, freedom of speech would end and "democracy," howsoever defined, would die. Being honest about this before Almighty God, our heavenly Father, the one salient question we must ask ourselves as a constitutional Protestant Christian nation is: "Shall we please God or man?"

  1.  Pleasing man we deny the existence of false religion and move down the ecumenical pathway to universal apostasy and a syncretic faith.

  2.  Pleasing the Lord God Jehovah we are bound to expose false gods, false christs and false prophets.

  3.  The consequences of our honesty before God will bring a measure of offence in the eyes of some, but also respect from other religions; and blessing rather than judgment, upon our nation.

  4.  The present blasphemy laws need not be changed save, perhaps, for the addition of a measure to ensure that those who move from one faith to another shall not be subjected to any kind of violence whatsoever, and to state clearly that any order or opinion by a religious leader outside this country "hath no jurisdiction in the United Kingdom." If we fail to uphold our Christian traditions in this, and thereby deny our heavenly Father before men He, likewise, will deny us: nor will the blasphemer escape his just reward. Moreover, we are bound to uphold firmly our nation's Protestant Christian Faith in such a manner as to discourage the persecution of Christians at home and elsewhere in the world.

  5.  It has to be recognised that no true Christian could ever agree with anything that weakens any one of the Ten Commandments, in this case the third. Such a move could only lead to the further reduction in this country of due reverence to God, Who is the provider of the wellbeing of all who dwell here, and hence to greater future distress. Also, a true Christian is not given to stirring up religious hatred, therefore any new legislation in this regard should not strengthen the hands of those who feed on strife.

  6.  Further it should be recognised that genuine critical comment by the followers of any faith on the differences between their faith and that of others need not be a barrier to human kindness and should not end in litigation.

  7.  The proper out-working of the Queen's Coronation Oath, and the maintenance of the centrality of the Holy Bible to the British legal system should be the object of all measures designed—as they ought to be—to implement the Will of God among His people.

  8.  Finally, as an aid to the Committee's understanding of what our movement is all about, we enclose for information a copy of our "Scripturally based Kingdom Objectives."

22 June 202


  a.  That Great Britain's true role in the world lies, as at all times in the past, in our being friend and companion to the oppressed and the just, but enemy of the oppressor;

  b.  That this role lies not with supra-national organisations, that is, the EU, UNO, WTO, GATS and in bilateral agreements, which dismantle our God-given way of life in the nation state;

  c.  That the nation's duty is to be Holy, separated unto God, as an example to all peoples of the blessings to be found in keeping the Law of the Lord.


  a.  That the European Communities Act 1972 and all subsequent Treaties on European Union be repealed and replaced by a new Treaty on European Co-operation, subject to a delimiting clause for the purpose of terminating the treaty, or renewing it after renegotiation, at the end of an agreed period of time;

  b.  That the principle of the superiority of European Civil Law over British Common Law be reversed and that the sovereign powers of our Courts be restored;

  c.  That environmental co-operation and conservation be a matter of the highest national import, as stewards of the Lord's Creation on land, sea and in the air.


  a.  That a proper appreciation of our Christian heritage be taught and maintained in our schools and colleges;

  b.  That the origins and primacy of the Early British Church and its true role in Christendom be a major part of that teaching;

  c.  That the fundamental aim be the drawing out in the understanding of each individual person that God is Sovereign Lord of Life and giver of every good thing.


  a.  That the family unit be reasserted, strengthened and maintained as the foundation of our social structure and that the national and local authorities actively encourage families to assume meaningful and effective responsibility for their own kin;

  b.  That the life process is a sacred gift of God and that the search for knowledge thereof is best served, not by dabbling in genetic engineering or devising ways of overcoming and making ineffectual malfunctions and abnormalities, but by recourse to the Giver of Life to determine and eliminate the cause of our distresses; the lusts and malpractices of mankind, and further, that in all cases of natural pregnancy and normality in birth the life process be not aborted.

  c.  That the respect due to men and women as individuals, in regard to their characters and the equal importance of their roles in society be asserted and upheld, and that the responsibilities and rights of men and women in industry, commerce and service be protected from anarchy.


  a.  That a policy of removing the cause of sickness and disease be introduced based on the principles of the Law of the Lord and the Christian doctrine of the body as a temple of the Holy Spirit;

  b.  That a truly National Health Service providing a comprehensive range of treatments from both small local hospitals to large centres of excellence be developed and maintained so that our God-given duties to the elderly can be carried out;

  c.  That respect for life and the integrity of the individual be upheld whether at birth or at the close of life; euthanasia to be permanently outlawed.


  a.  That man's responsibility under God for the preservation and replenishment of the Earth and all its creatures, must be emphasised;

  b.  That the wanton exploitation of our natural resources must be prevented;

  c.  That biblical agricultural and dietary laws are the basis of food production in pursuit of the physical well being of mankind and all Creation.



Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done in earth, as in heaven

We lay not again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith towards God, and press on towards the mark, exhorting:


  (a)  That our people must re-establish in our individual and national life the principles of revealed righteousness set out in the Gospel of the Kingdom as proclaimed by The Lord Jesus Christ, the only mediator between God and man;

  (b)  That this righteousness is to be found in the Commandments, Statutes and Judgments of Almighty God—the only God—the chief of which is to honour Him, the Lord God of Israel;

  (c)  That the reliability and authority of the Holy Scriptures (Old and New Testaments) is the one, sure, Christ-centred foundation for our national economy, and our spiritual regeneration as a people called by God to lead the nations in peace.


  (a)  The restoration of the true balance of Her Majesty's Government—"The Queen in Parliament"—and our Divinely oriented Constitution defined by statute law and the acknowledgement of The Lively Oracles of God, the basis of our Common Law and of good government;

  (b)  The interdependence of the British Commonwealth and Family of Covenant Nations under the Royal British Throne and the Protestant Christian faith;

  (c)  The overruling authority of God in acts of prerogative.


  (a)  The biblical principle that "when a strong man armed keepeth his house, his goods are in peace;"

  (b)  That our national defence be brought to and kept at the highest level, in acknowledgement of the first priority—a believing and praying administration and people standing in the whole armour of God;

  (c)  That universal national service in peace time with voluntary service for active duties be introduced.


  (a)  That it is necessary for the establishment of a wholesome fiscal policy to separate ourselves from the bondage of international finance, and with that from the Single European Currency;

  (b)  That the pressing need in the financial sphere is for a biblically based—and therefore honest—money system, so ending inflation and ridding ourselves of the present iniquitous system based on usury;

  (c)  That it is the duty of Parliament to acknowledge as statutory, God's law of debt release and jubilee, and therefore mandatory upon government to implement them in due season.


  (a)  That Great Britain continue in its historic role of affording sanctuary to the needy and oppressed, but that the ethnic integrity of the British nation be safeguarded and maintained as the first priority;

  (b)  The preservation of the integrity of all races, recognising the natural differences present in mankind as a creative act of God;

  (c)  That there be one law in the land; the same for the home-born and the stranger within our gates.


  (a)  The reintroduction of the death penalty for crimes against the person as defined by the Divine Law, which Law was confirmed by the Lord Jesus Christ;

  (b)  The implementation of the Divine laws of restitution for vandalism and other crimes;

  (c)  That offenders and evil doers be speedily brought to justice and that judgment be not protracted.

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