Select Committee on Religious Offences in England and Wales Written Evidence

Supplementary submission from the Commission for Racial Equality

  Thank you for your letter dated 21 October which has been passed to the Legal Policy Team for a reply.

  First, may I correct the information provided in our submission to the Select Committee: the statistics supplied to us by the Lord Chancellor's Department show that, for the period 1988-2001, there were 70 consent applications to the Attorney-General and not 61. I apologise for any inconvenience, which this error may have caused.

  Based on the figures before us, the outcomes on those 70 applications were are follows:

Not Granted6

  As mentioned above, these figures were supplied by the Lord Chancellor's Department and were not collected by the Commission. We did ask for a breakdown of the racial origin of the Defendants but were advised that such data is not recorded.

  The Commission has no statutory powers to deal with incitement to racial hatred and such complaints that are referred to us are done so randomly. We are not able therefore to provide accurate information on trends, but based on the complaints which we do receive, it is our perception that there has been a general increase in anti asylum seeker material and, since September 11, an increase in anti Muslim material.

29 October 2002

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