Select Committee on Religious Offences in England and Wales Written Evidence

Submission from Glenfall Fellowship (Anglican)

  I am writing a short note on behalf of my family and my church of about 100 people. We would ask you to keep the blasphemy law in place as it stands, for the sake of not allowing God's name to be further abused by any who might wish to do so. Also, we would not want our church services disrupted by militant bodies who wish to voice their hatred of what is good and proper.

  We feel it is important to make a stand in our country to say that we do not want to further erode the fabric of our society by moving further away from Biblical standards than we have already strayed. This would be one way in which we could say as a nation that enough is enough, we want to respect God and those who worship him, and we should keep laws in place which help to make this possible.

4 July 2002

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