Select Committee on Religious Offences in England and Wales Written Evidence

Submission from the Inverness Free Church of Scotland

  1.  I write on behalf of the above named congregation of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) to express to your Lordships my very deep concern and that of the members of this congregation and denomination at the moves presently being made to introduce alterations to the existing Blasphemy Laws of this country.

  2.  I express to you in very strong terms my conviction and that of those whom I here represent that it would be a most hurtful step to amend current laws so as to open the door to the possibility that the Name of God and of Jesus Christ our Saviour might be publicly blasphemed with impunity in the press and media.

  3.  It would be injurious to the pace and spiritual well-being of our nation if it were to become allowable for church services and acts of worship to be disrupted by militant antichristian activists. It would also be hurtful to the public good if antichristian agitators were allowed by law to conduct violent demonstrations on church property, as in altered circumstances could happen.

  4.  It would also be harmful if the laws of this land were to be altered in a manner which allowed the charge of "religious hatred" to be brought at law against preachers of the gospel of Christ, whose calling it is to proclaim the message of salvation through the cross of Christ and to call men to faith and repentance.

  5.  Our beloved country has over at least 1,000 years been blessed with a public and national confession of the Christian faith as the basis of our constitution and monarchy. This provision has been our glory and our strength and we must not tamper with our inheritance in these days of confusion and anarchy.

  I urge you most respectfully to do all in your power at this time to safeguard our heritage.

28 June 2002

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