Select Committee on Religious Offences in England and Wales Written Evidence

Submission from the Islamic Institute, Liverpool

  My organisation is affiliated to the Muslim Council of Britain, which as you know is the umbrella organisation of Muslims in Britain. We understand that the MCB is making a submission to you on behalf of all its affiliates and we confirm that my organisation has been properly consulted on the response. I should like to confirm the wholehearted support of my organisation to the submission that the MCB is making to you.

  I should like to add that my organization is extremely concerned about the poisonous atmosphere against Muslims and Islam following the catastrophic and evil deed of September 11. I have noticed, most unfortunately, a sea of change in the attitudes and actions of many people who I had regarded as reasonable and decent minded people. We, the Muslims are seen as terrorists and violent. The media is constantly feeding this myth and sadly there is no law at present to help our state of frustration and vulnerability.

  The Muslims do not want special treatment. We want equal treatment as members of British society. Our alienation will be of no benefit to society. We have and wish to continue to live in peace and harmony. Please help us to do that by addressing our legitimate concerns.[9]

22 July 2002

9   (Identical letters were received from TA HA Publishers Ltd, the West London Islamic Mission and 77 residents of the Burnley area.) Back

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