Select Committee on Religious Offences in England and Wales Written Evidence

Submission from the Muslim Women's Group

  I am a chair lady of Muslim Women's Group, it is an organisation of Muslim women.

  The Government is now considering how to combat the Islamophobia that is now so terrified in the United Kingdom that is affecting everybody and it is in that context that you are taking ideas from interested people.

  If that is true, I would like to share my interest with you. I know of instances where Muslim women especially face great difficulties in getting jobs and while in employment face problems of their following faith or the way they dress-up while they are at work.

  We also know that when Muslims are taunted and come across difficulties for their appearance they can't get any help from the police, or any one.

  So as British Muslims we would like to be treated the same way as you treat Jews, Christians and Sikhs. We should not be singled out for discrimination and harassment.

  As Muslims we believe respect, so we need to have a respect towards each other.

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