Select Committee on Religious Offences in England and Wales Written Evidence

Submission from St Neots Evangelical Church

  On behalf of St Neots Evangelical Church, Cambridge Street, St Neots, Cambridgeshire PE19 1PL, I write to inform the Committee that Biblical Christianity, ie the Christianity that regards the Bible as God's Word has no desire to offend any. (1 Cor 10:32; 2 Cor 6:3). However, the Word of God tells us that the Gospel of God, when proclaimed accurately will offend those who do not believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the one and only Son of God, God made flesh, who was crucified, then resurrected, and ascended into Heaven. (Rom 9:33) Galatians 5:11 tells us that the Cross of Jesus is an "offence". Therefore, you must be aware that if true Christianity is to continue in the UK as a "legal" faith, its message will undoubtedly "offend". Nothing short than making it illegal will guarantee a cessation of the "offensive" nature of the Message that He died in "our" place, that we might be forgiven and receive eternal life.

5 July 2002

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