Select Committee on Science and Technology Fifth Report



Session 1998-99

1st Report  Meeting with the Minister for Science

2nd Report  Cannabis: Government Response*[83] (to 9th Report 1997-98)

3rd Report  Management of Nuclear Waste (see also 1st Report 2001-02)

Session 1999-2000

1st Report  Non-Food Crops

2nd Report  Meeting with Health and Science Ministers

3rd Report  Science and Society (see also 1st Report 2000-01)

4th Report  Non-Food Crops: Government Response (to 1st Report 1999-2000)

5th Report  Air Travel and Health

6th Report  Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Session 2000-01

1st Report  Science in Schools (follow up to Chapter 6 of 3rd Report 1999-2000 — see also 2nd Report 2001-02)

2nd Report  Therapeutic Uses of Cannabis (follow up to 9th Report 1997-98)

3rd Report  Resistance to Antibiotics (follow up to 7th Report 1997-98)

4th Report  Human Genetic Databases

Session 2001-02

1st Report  Managing Radioactive Waste: the Government's consultation (follow up to 3rd Report 1998-99)

2nd Report  Science in Schools: Government Responses (to 1st Report 2000-01)

3rd Report  What on Earth? The threat to the science underpinning conservation (follow up to 1st Report 1991-92)

Session 2002-03

1st Report  Managing Radioactive Waste: Government Response (to 1st Report 2001-02)

2nd Report  Chips for Everything: Britain's opportunities in a key global market

3rd Report  What on Earth? The threat to the science underpinning conservation: the Government's Response (to 3rd Report 2001-02) and the Committee's Commentary

4th Report  Fighting Infection

5th Report  Science & the RDAs: SETting the regional agenda
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* 83   Every major Report receives a written response from the Government. When this is not published by the Government, the Committee publishes it as a further Report. Back

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