Select Committee on Science and Technology Minutes of Evidence

Additional Information from the Department of Health

  For the latest year for which the figures are available, there were:

397 medical and virology consultants (363 whole time equivalents (wte));

11 virology consultants (9 wte);

82 consultants in infectious diseases;

65 consultants in public health medicine;

650 general practitioners with a special interest;

32,000 wte practice nurses, health visitors and district nurses;

2,000 school nurses (in term time).

  The qualified scientific, therapeutic and technical staff employed in pathology were:

120 managers;

1,450 scientists;

11,710 scientific officers;

1,090 technicians.

  The unqualified staff in the same area were:

680 students/trainees; and

6,280 helpers and assistants.

All of these figures are whole time equivalents. It is not possible to differentiate between disciplines for the pathology staff, as I am advised that this information is not collected.

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