Select Committee on Science and Technology Minutes of Evidence

Memorandum by SIMFONEC

  SIMFONEC (Science Ideas to Market, Focused on Enterprise and Commercialisation) was formed in the second round of government funding, in 2001. It incorporates four London institutions: City University; Queen Mary, University of London; King's College London and the Royal Veterinary College.

  The aim of the Science Enterprise Centre is to provide the environment, knowledge and resources to identify and develop ideas emerging from science, healthcare and engineering communities and support them as commercially and economically viable products in the commercial marketplace.

  City University Business School will lead the project and will focus on developing entrepreneurship, teaching materials and research, complementing the bioscience and healthcare technologies of the other partner institutions and other departments at City University, London.


  SIMFONEC will grow into a world class, evidence based Science Enterprise Centre which will orchestrate the delivery of science ideas to the commercial marketplace. SIMFONEC has the capacity to harness the best of London's scientific research, business and teaching potential and stimulate economic success in the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and healthcare sectors.


  1.  To foster the effective teaching of enterprise in a cross-discipline consortia at all levels and across all partner HEIs.

  2.  To create a centre of excellence in knowledge transfer and exploitation for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors in the London region.

  3.  To stimulate enterprise and innovation by creating new spin out and business opportunities for all the partners.

  4.  To nurture the commercialisation of intellectual property by establishing effective networks between SMEs, venture capital and partner institutions.

  5.  To develop a SEC that reflects upon its own effectiveness, contributes to the development of an evidence based science enterprise culture and disseminates research findings.

February 2002

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