Select Committee on Science and Technology Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 780-781)



  780. We applaud that initiative. In terms of discussion and collaboration, do you collaborate or discuss with bodies such as DEFRA their needs because they are into the field of animal research, especially in the field of antibiotic resistance which I cannot keep away from in terms of my questions?

  (Dr Dunstan) I think the main discussions that would take place between the Research Councils and DEFRA would be between BBSRC and DEFRA, but we do have some links. I cannot recall that we have discussed that as a particular topic within MRC.

Chairman: Are there any other points noble Lords have?

Baroness Finlay of Llandaff

  781. Going back to the issues about communicating risk and the research community, I wondered if you have any specific links with the primary care organisations such as the Royal College of General Practitioners or the RCN, whether there are any specific projects that have been pursued to promote research at that primary care level?
  (Dr Goodwin) We do not have any formal links, but we do consult them as part of our review processes if appropriate.
  (Dr Dunstan) We have worked quite closely with the RCGP on a number of things and on the Biobank we have worked quite closely with them and we do have this large general practice research framework which has 1,000 practices geographically spread all over the UK. They have done quite a lot of work in infections, in intestinal infections, how to treat respiratory infections, that kind of thing. I am not aware that they have done anything in the risk area yet, but that is a possibility in the future.

Chairman: If there are any issues that our witnesses would like to bring up when you leave that you think we should have mentioned something about, then please feel free to let us have some documentation with your thoughts. It just remains for me to thank you very much indeed for coming along and being so willing to answer our questions. Thank you.

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