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Die Lunae 19° Maii 2003

The House met at half-past two o’clock.

PRAYERS were read by the Lord Bishop of Hereford.

Judicial Business

1.  Bakewell Management Limited (Respondents) v. Brandwood and others (Appellants) (England)—The appeal of Roland Brandwood, Rosalind Brandwood, John Bulpit, Thomas Cobbold, Patricia Mary Cobbold, Herbert Collier, Ann Collier, Nicholas Patrick Feeley, Alison Jayne Feeley, Francis Philip Donald Flory, Margaret Ann Crozier Flory, James Stuart Gilbert, Helen Jane Gilbert, Robert Gilbert, Jane Gilbert, Douglas Goddard, John Francis Gradwell, Jane Vivien Gradwell, Peter John Henry Groves, Pamela Elizabeth Groves, Andrew Peter Hewitt, Susan Carolyn Hopgood, Jean Jackson, John Lester, Hugh Reginald Mant, Pauline Elizabeth Mant, Paul Hugh Marriage, Caroline Dibley Marriage, Robert Henry James Miles, Christina Moran, Brian Robertson Murdoch, Patricia Rose Murdoch, Paul Nickson, Margaret Nickson, Basil Northover, Marion Northover, Cissie Soulsbury, David Stevenson, Pamela Stevenson, Paul Burnett, Lydia Thomas, Merton Vaslet and Brenda Vaslet was presented and it was ordered that in accordance with Standing Order VI the statement and appendix thereto be lodged on or before 30th June next.

2.  Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough Council (Respondents) v. Jones and another (personal representatives of the estate of William John Watkins (deceased)) (Petitioners)—The petition of Aneurin Maldwyn Jones and Haydn Malcolm Jones praying for leave to appeal was presented and referred to an Appeal Committee (lodged 12th March).

3.  Simmons (Respondent) v. British Steel plc (Appellants) (Scotland)—The appeal was set down for hearing and referred to an Appellate Committee.

4.  Campbell (Appellant) v. MGN Limited (Respondents)—The petition of the appellant praying that the time for lodging the statement and appendix and setting down the cause for hearing might be extended to 2nd July next (the agents for the respondents consenting thereto) was presented; and it was ordered as prayed.

5.  Appeal Committee—The following Order was made pursuant to the 35th Report:

    Temple (formerly a child but now a patient who sues by his mother and litigation friend Carol Barbara Temple) (FC) (Petitioner) v. South Manchester Health Authority (Respondents)—That leave to appeal be refused; that the costs of the petitioner be taxed in accordance with the Access to Justice Act 1999; and that the respondents be at liberty to apply for their costs in accordance with direction 5.1(c); and, if the application is granted, that the amount thereof be certified by the Clerk of the Parliaments if not agreed between the parties.


6.  Command Papers—The following papers were presented to the House by command of Her Majesty and ordered to lie on the Table:

    1.  Competition Commission—Report on the merger situation between Scottish Radio Holdings plc and GWR Group plc and Galaxy Radio Wales and the West Limited;     (5811)

    2.  Government Departments—

      (i)     Report for 2003 of the Law Officer’ Departments;  (5911)

      (ii)     Report for 2003 of British Trade International;  (5915)

      (i)  3.  Salary Review Bodies—Thirty Second Report of the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration;  (5721)

    4.  Contingent Liabilities—Report of contingent liabilities relating to the “Home and Garden” Exhibition at the Geffrye Museum.    (—)

7.  Negative Instruments—The following instruments were laid before the House and ordered to lie on the Table:

    1.  North Birmingham College (Dissolution) Order 2003, laid under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992;    (1293)

    2.  Feeding Stuffs (Sampling and Analysis), the Feeding Stuffs (Enforcement) and the Feeding Stuffs (Establishments and Intermediaries) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2003, laid under the Agriculture Act 1970;    (1296)

    3.  Judicial Pensions and Retirement Act 1993 (Addition of Qualifying Judicial Offices) Order 2003, laid under the Judicial Pensions and Retirement Act 1993;    (1311)

    4.  Protection of Animals (Anaesthetics) (Amendment) (No. 2) (England) Order 2003, laid under the Protection of Animals (Anaesthetics) Act 1954;    (1328)

    5.  Civil Procedure (Amendment No. 3) Rules 2003, laid under the Civil Procedure Act 1997.    (1329)

8.  Papers not subject to parliamentary proceedings—The following papers were laid before the House and ordered to lie on the Table:

    1.  Statement of Guarantee in respect of temporary borrowing by the Commission for the New Towns, laid under the New Towns Act 1981;

    2.  Statement of Guarantee in respect of temporary borrowing by the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals National Health Service Trust, laid under the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990.

Public Business

9.  Aviation (Offences) Bill—A bill to make provision about the enforcement of certain offences connected with aviation was brought from the Commons, read a first time and ordered to be printed. (HL Bill 66)

10.  Marine Safety Bill—A bill to make provision about the giving of directions in respect of ships for purposes relating to safety or pollution and about the taking of action to enforce, in connection with, or in lieu of, directions; to make provision about fire-fighting in connection with marine incidents; and for connected purposes was brought from the Commons, read a first time and ordered to be printed. (HL Bill 67)

11.  Marine Safety Bill—It was ordered that the Explanatory Notes relating to the bill be printed. (HL Bill 67-EN)

12.  Sunday Working (Scotland) Bill—A bill to make provision as to the rights of shop workers and betting workers under the law of Scotland in relation to Sunday working; and for connected purposes was brought from the Commons, read a first time and ordered to be printed. (HL Bill 65)

13.  Business of the House—It was moved by the Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean, on behalf of the Lord Privy Seal, that Standing Order 41 (Arrangement of the Order Paper) be dispensed with on Tuesday 10th June to allow the motion standing in the name of the Lord Brookman to be taken before the motions standing in the names of the Lord Norton of Louth and the Lord Scott of Foscote; the motion was agreed to.

14.  Local Government Bill—It was moved by the Lord Rooker that it be an instruction to the Grand Committee to which the Local Government Bill has been committed that they consider the Bill in the following order:

Clauses 1 to 19
Schedule 1
Clauses 20 to 42
Schedule 2
Clauses 43 to 101
Schedule 3
Clauses 102 to 106

Schedule 4
Clause 107
Schedule 5
Clauses 108 to 126
Schedules 6 and 7
Clauses 127 and 128;

    the motion was agreed to.

15.  Courts Bill [HL]—The bill was read a third time; amendments were agreed to (see division lists 1 and 2); amendments were moved and (by leave of the House) withdrawn; further amendments were agreed to; amendments were disagreed to (see division lists 3 and 4); a privilege amendment was agreed to; then the bill was passed and sent to the Commons.

16.  Sexual Offences Bill [HL]—The House again resolved itself into a Committee upon the bill; amendments were moved and (by leave of the Committee) withdrawn; amendments were agreed to; the questions that certain clauses stand part of the bill were negatived; the House was resumed and the bill was reported with amendments; it was ordered that the bill be printed as amended. (HL Bill 68)

The House was adjourned at eleven minutes past two o’clock

in the morning of Tuesday 20th May

till later the same day, half-past two o’clock in the afternoon.


  Cler: Parliamentor:



The Committee met at half-past three o’clock.

    Railways and Transport Safety Bill—The bill was considered in the Grand Committee; amendments were moved and (by leave of the Committee) withdrawn; the Committee was adjourned after clause 76 stood part.

The Committee was adjourned at twenty-eight minutes before eight o’clock.

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Prepared: 20 may 2003