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Judgments - Regina v. Webber (Appellant) (On Appeal from the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division))

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    Mr Jafferjee heard.

    In part heard and adjourned until tomorrow.




L. Bingham of Cornhill
L. Slynn of Hadley
L. Hobhouse of Woodborough
L. Rodger of Earlsferry
L. Walker of Gestingthorpe
The Lord Bingham of Cornhill in the Chair.

    The Order of Adjournment is read.

    The proceedings of yesterday are read.

    The Committee deliberate.

    Counsel and Parties are again called in.

    Mr Jafferjee further heard.

    Mr Shorrock heard in reply.

    Further and fully heard.

    Bar cleared; and the Committee deliberate.

    A draft Report is laid before the Committee by the Lord Bingham of Cornhill.

    The Report is considered and agreed to unanimously.

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