Select Committee on Constitution Sixth Report

APPENDIX 8: Summary of Evidence by Type

Background Oral Evidence

The Committee began by hearing from a number of 'background' witnesses to inform themselves about the processes of regulation. These witnesses divided into 'academics' and 'ex-regulators', although many ex-regulators also have a strong background in industry while others still work in regulated industries (Clare Spottiswoode, for example, is currently a director for British Energy).


Background information by type of witness
Academics Ex-regulators
Christopher Hood (informal session)[213] Ian Byatt
Tony ProsserBryan Carsberg
Mark Thatcher (for international comparisons) Stephen Littlechild
Peter VassClare Spottiswoode
Sir Christopher Foster John Swift

Written Evidence

The Committee issued a call for evidence in early January. The deadline for submission of written evidence was 31st March, although evidence continued to be submitted long after that date. The following table gives the approximate figures for the number of submissions received relating to each sector and by type of witness.


Number of Written submissions
Sector[214] Regulators Industry Consumers
General13[215] 12
Gas and Electricity 17 1
Water1 21
Postal Services1 11
Rail1 00
Air1 31
Financial Services 335 3
Education3 00
Communications5 20

Note: these figures are only approximate as many bodies are cross sectoral

Further Oral Evidence


Oral Witnesses by Sector and by Type
Sector Regulators Industry Consumers
GeneralOffice of Fair Trading

Competition Commission

Environment Agency

National Consumer Council
Gas and Electricity Ofgem(i) Electricity Association

(ii) Gas Forum

(iii) British Energy

WaterOfwat Water UKWaterVoice
Postal ServicesPostcomm Royal MailPostwatch
RailOffice of the Rail Regulator
AirCivil Aviation Authority
Financial Services Financial Services Authority Financial Services Practitioner Panel

Association of Independent Financial Advisers

Financial Services Consumer Panel
CommunicationsOFCOM Mobile Broadband Group

(formerly UK Mobile Operators)

The Committee also took evidence from Mr Stephen Timms MP (DTI Minister); and the Competition Appeal Tribunal

213   A summary of Professor Hood's informal briefing is at Appendix 10. Back

214   A number of submissions were cross sectoral; a number of others do not fall into any category, such as those by the Hansard society, the European Policy Forum, submissions by the DTI, and those by Mr Henney. Back

215   Includes ombudsmen and bodies such as the Environment Agency and the National Lottery Commission. Back

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