Select Committee on European Union Twenty-First Report


Recent Reports from the Select Committee

Review of Scrutiny of European Legislation (1st Report, session 2002-03, HL 15)

Annual Report 2003 (44th Report, session 2002-03, HL Paper 191)

Evidence from the Minister for Europe on the Brussels European Council (2nd Report, session 2003-04, HL Paper 25)

Developments in the EU (13th Report, session 2003-04, HL Paper 87

Session 2003-2004 Reports prepared by Sub-Committee A

Evidence from the Financial Secretary on the Stability and Growth Pact and the European Central Bank (14th Report, HL Paper 88)

The World Trade Organization: the role of the EU post-Cancún (16th Report, HL Paper 104)

Session 2002-2003 Reports prepared by Sub-Committee A

The Stability and Growth Pact (13th Report, HL Paper 72)

The Taxation of Fuel in the European Union (24th Report, HL Paper 108)

The 2004 EC Budget (33rd Report, HL Paper 141)

Is the European Central Bank Working? (42nd Report, HL Paper 170)

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