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Lord McIntosh of Haringey moved Amendments Nos. 113 to 115:

On Question, amendments agreed to.

[Amendment No. 116 not moved.]

Clause 63, as amended, agreed to.

Clauses 64 and 65 agreed to.

Clause 66 [Combined licence]:

[Amendment No. 117 not moved.]

Clause 66 agreed to.

Clause 67 [Application]:

[Amendment No. 118 not moved.]

Clause 67 agreed to.

Clause 68 [Consideration of application: general principles]:

[Amendments Nos. 119 to 124 not moved.]

Clause 68 agreed to.

Clauses 69 and 70 agreed to.

Clause 71 [Procedure]:

[Amendments Nos. 125 and 126 not moved.]

Clause 71 agreed to.

Clause 72 agreed to.

Clause 73 [General conditions imposed by Commission]:

[Amendment No. 127 not moved.]

Clause 73 agreed to.

Clause 74 [General conditions: procedure]:

[Amendments Nos. 128 and 129 not moved.]

Clause 74 agreed to.
6 Apr 2005 : Column 849

Clause 75 [Individual condition imposed by Commission]:

[Amendment No. 130 not moved.]

Clause 75 agreed to.

Clause 76 [Condition imposed by Secretary of State]:

[Amendments Nos. 131 and 132 not moved.]

Clause 76 agreed to.

Clause 77 [Scope of powers to attach conditions]:

[Amendment No. 133 not moved.]

Clause 77 agreed to.

Clause 78 [Requirement for personal licence]:

[Amendment No. 134 not moved.]

Clause 78 agreed to.

Clause 79 [Credit and inducements]:

Lord McIntosh of Haringey moved Amendments Nos. 135 to 138:

"(3) But the condition in subsection (2) shall not prevent the licensee from permitting the installation and use on the premises of a machine enabling cash to be obtained on credit from a person (the "credit provider") provided that—
(a) the licensee has no other commercial connection with the credit provider in relation to gambling,
(b) the licensee neither makes nor receives any payment or reward (whether by way of commission, rent or otherwise) in connection with the machine, and
(c) any conditions about the nature, location or use of the machine attached by virtue of section 73, 75 or 76 are complied with."

On Question, amendments agreed to.

Clause 79, as amended, agreed to.

Clauses 80 and 81 agreed to.

[Amendment No. 139 not moved.]

Clauses 82 and 83 agreed to.

Clause 84 [Gaming machines]:

Lord McIntosh of Haringey moved Amendment No. 140:

"(2) An operating licence may be subject to a condition (whether imposed by virtue of section 73, 75 or 76) that a specified gaming machine may not be made available for use in reliance on the licence if the Commission has notified the licensee in writing that the manufacture, supply, installation, adaptation, maintenance or repair of the machine—
(a) was not carried out in reliance on a gaming machine technical operating licence, or
(b) did not comply with standards established under or by virtue of section 94."

The noble Lord said: Amendment No. 140 is a practical measure, allowing the commission to notify licence holders that the gaming machines that they use have been manufactured or supplied without a licence or in breach of technical standards. We would expect
6 Apr 2005 : Column 850
all operators to take proper steps to check such matters, but there may be times when the commission is aware of problems, when operators are not. Once notified, conditions can be attached to the operator's licence requiring such machines not to be used. That will help to protect the public from illegal machines.

Amendment No. 146 is a drafting amendment. Amendments Nos. 233, 274 and 275 will allow casinos to provide automated casino games in addition to their gaming machine entitlement. We propose that casinos should be permitted no more than 40 player positions. The Gambling Commission will then control the specification of those machines by licence conditions.

Amendments Nos. 269 to 271, 276, 277 and 281 are drafting amendments designed to ensure that the definitions and scope of powers in Part 10 are effective.

Amendment No. 272 addresses a point raised by the noble Lord, the Lord Mancroft, at Second Reading. The noble Lord said that it was unreasonable for the definition in Clause 229 to prohibit lottery vending machines that also displayed the result of the lottery. We have thought about that, and we are content for such machines to be outside the controls of Part 10. However, we need to retain control over the speed at which results can be displayed. If they were displayed every 30 seconds, for example, they could be very addictive. Amendment No. 272 also requires Ministers to set a minimum time before the result of the lottery can be displayed on the machine. We will gladly discuss that matter with the industry and the Gaming Board.

Finally, Amendments Nos. 273A, 275, 319B, 319C, 319D, 319E and 326A ensure that seaside and other arcades will continue to be able to offer prize bingo by machine, outside the normal gaming machine regime. The amendments also resolve some related technical difficulties in Part 13 of the Bill. In particular, they ensure that forms of prize bingo where the prize is in part determined by the progress of the game—for example, where an enhanced prize can be offered to anyone calling "House" within a set number of numbers—can continue. I beg to move.

On Question, amendment agreed to.

Clause 84, as amended, agreed to.

10.30 p.m.

Clauses 85 and 86 agreed to.

Clause 87 [Remote operating licence]:

[Amendment No. 141 not moved.]

Lord McIntosh of Haringey moved Amendments Nos. 142 and 143:

"(2A) Where the Commission issues a remote operating licence it may exclude, generally or to a specified extent or for specified purposes, the condition that would otherwise be attached by virtue of subsection (2), if the Commission is satisfied that the exclusion is reasonably consistent with pursuit of the licensing objectives."

On Question, amendments agreed to.
6 Apr 2005 : Column 851

Clause 87, as amended, agreed to.

Clauses 88 to 90 agreed to.

Clause 91 [Pool betting operating licence]:

[Amendment No. 144 not moved.]

Clause 91 agreed to.

Clauses 92 and 93 agreed to.

Clause 94 [Gaming machine technical operating licence]:

[Amendment No. 145 not moved.]

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