Select Committee on Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 2320 - 2324)


Dr Andreas Brunner and Mr Beat Sommerhalder

  Q2320  Baroness Hayman: And within the organisations the reason why it is doctors that are involved is simply because of the need for a physician to write the prescription.

Dr Brunner: Yes.

  Q2321  Baroness Hayman: It could be anybody who was assisting if it was another method of suicide?

Dr Brunner: Yes. The doctors are not assisting in the organisations. There are members of the organisations who are assisting. There are some cases but normally the doctors make the prescriptions and that is it.

  Q2322  Baroness Hayman: Is the doctor present though?

Dr Brunner: No. There is present in the act of dying someone from the organisation.

  Q2323  Baroness Jay of Paddington: Can nurses write prescriptions in Switzerland?

Dr Brunner: No.

  Q2324  Chairman: Thank you very much indeed. I am not sure whether our colleague from Aargau wants to add anything.

Mr Sommerhalder: No. Dr Brunner has told you about the old doctor who made these prescriptions, and the administrative tribunal had a session because of this case about two weeks ago but we never heard the result. We hope the Bill will confirm forbidding those prescriptions.

Chairman: Thank you very much.

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