Select Committee on Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill First Report


The following witnesses gave evidence. (w) denotes written evidence, (o) denotes oral evidence.


(w)  Affinity (British Evangelical Council)

(w)  ALERT

(w,o)  Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland

(w,o)  Association of British Neurologists

(w)  Association of Catholic Nurses for England and Wales

(w)  Association of Catholic Women

(w)  Association of Hospice and Palliative Care Chaplains

(o)  The Attorney General for the Canton of Zurich

(w)  British Association of Social Workers

(w,o)  British Geriatrics Society

(w,o)  British Humanist Association

(w,o)  British Medical Association

(o)  British Psychological Society

(w)  CARE

(w)  Catholic Union of Great Britain

(w,o)  Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales

(w,o)  Church of England House of Bishops

(w,o)  Centre of Medical Law and Ethics, King's College London

(w)  Christian Medical Fellowship

(w)  College of Health Care Chaplains

(w,o)  Department of Health

(w,o)  Dignitas

(w,o)  Disability Awareness in Action

(w,o)  Disability Rights Commission

(w,o)  EMGO Institute, Amsterdam

(o)  EXIT

(o)  Federal Ministry of Justice, Switzerland

(w)  Friends at the End

(w,o)  General Medical Council

(w)  George House Trust

(w)  Guild of Catholic Doctors

(w,o)  Help the Aged

(w)  Help the Hospices

(w)  Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics

(w)  Macmillan Cancer Relief

(w)  Marie Curie Cancer Care

(w)  Medical Ethics Alliance

(w)  Methodist Church

(o)  Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (NL)

(w)  Modern Churchpeople's Union

(w,o)  Motor Neurone Disease Association

(w,o)  National Council for Hospice and Specialist Palliative Care Services

(w)  Nursing and Midwifery Council

(w,o)  NVVE (Right to Die-NL)

(w,o)  Office of the Chief Rabbi

(w,o)  Oregon Department of Human Services

(w,o)  Oregon Health and Sciences University

(w,o)  Oregon Hospice Association

(w,o)  Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Institute, University of Newcastle

(o)  Regional Case Assessment Committee (The Hague)

(w,o)  Right to Life

(w)  Royal College of Anaesthetists

(w,o)  Royal College of General Practitioners

(w,o)  Royal College of Nursing

(w)  Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

(w)  Royal College of Pathologists

(w,o)  Royal College of Physicians

(w)  Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh

(o)  Royal College of Psychiatrists

(w)  Royal College of Surgeons

(w,o)  Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG)

(w)  Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

(w)  Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care

(o)  Sint Jacob's Hospice, Amsterdam

(o)  Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences

(o)  Swiss National Advisory Commission of Biomedical Ethics

(w)  Terrence Higgins Trust

(w)  Universiteit Antwerpen (UFSIA)

(w,o)  Voluntary Euthanasia Society

(w)  Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Witnesses giving evidence in a personal capacity

Ms Karen Bell

Dr Jon Bos

Dr Georg Bosshard

Dr Nico Mensingh van Charante

Dr Ruben van Coevorden

Dr David Cole

Ms Barbara Coombs Lee

Dr Carole Dacombe

Ms Alison Davis

Professor van den Eynden

Dr Darien Fenn

Professor John Finnis

Professor Kathleen Foley

Dr Nick Gideonse

Dr Jim Gilbert

Baroness Greengross

Ms Marjo Gribling-Gommans

Dr Greg Hamilton

Professor Henk Jochemsen

The Lord Joffe

Dr Maria van den Muijsenburgh

Professor Timothy Quill

Dr Fiona Randall

Dr Peter Rasmussen

Dr Dirk Raymakers

Dr Robert H. Richardson

Dr Kenneth Stevens

Mr Ron Sunseri

Professor Raymond Tallis

Dr William Toffler

The Lord Walton of Detchant

Ms Michele Wates

Professor Guy Widdershoven

Dr Ben Zylicz

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