Select Committee on European Union Tenth Report

APPENDIX 2: Call for Evidence

Sub-Committee E (Law and Institutions) and Sub-Committee F (Home Affairs) of the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union are conducting a short joint inquiry into the Hague Programme. The Hague Programme is a five year programme in the area of justice and home affairs, which was approved by the European Council on 5 November 2004. It follows on from the five year Tampere programme, which was the first attempt to further develop the EU as an "area of freedom, security and justice".

The Sub-Committees would welcome comments on any of the following elements of the Programme:

The general direction of the Programme

  •   The further development of a common European asylum system
  •   The scope for EU action on legal migration
  •   The development of policies on irregular migration and border controls (including the role of the European Border Management Agency)
  •   Measures to assist legally resident third country nationals
  •   Police co-operation: including the enhancement of data exchange between national law enforcement authorities (and related data protection issues); crime prevention; and the future role of Europol
  •   Judicial co-operation in criminal matters (in particular the role of Eurojust)
  •   Mutual trust and mutual recognition in criminal matters
  •   EU action in civil law (in particular proposals for future action in the fields of family and succession law)
  •   The external dimension of the Programme

In addition to the evidence they receive the Sub-Committees will take into account their previous work in these areas, which includes reports on asylum, immigration, police co-operation, and judicial co-operation in criminal and civil matters.

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