Select Committee on European Union Tenth Report

APPENDIX 6: Other recent Reports from the Select Committee

Annual Report of the EU Select Committee 2004 (32nd Report 2003-04, HL Paper 186)

Relevant Reports prepared by Sub-Committee E

Session 2000-01

Minimum standards in asylum procedures (11th Report, HL Paper 59)

Session 2001-02

The European Arrest Warrant (6th Report, HL Paper 34 and 16th Report, HL Paper 89)

Minimum standards of reception conditions for asylum seekers (8th Report, HL Paper 49)

Defining refugee status and those in need of international protection (28th Report, HL Paper 156)

Session 2003-04

The Rome II Regulation (8th Report, HL Paper 66)

Strengthening OLAF, the European Anti-Fraud Office (24th Report, HL Paper 139)

Session 2004-05

Procedural Rights in Criminal Proceedings (1st Report, HL Paper 28)

Relevant Reports prepared by Sub-Committee F

Session 2001-02

A Common Policy on illegal immigration (37th Report, HL Paper 187)

Session 2002-03

Europol's Role in Fighting Crime (5th Report, HL Paper 43)

Proposals for a European Border Guard (29th Report, HL Paper 133)

Session 2003-04

Handling EU asylum claims: new approaches examined (11th Report, HL Paper 74)

Judicial Co-operation in the EU: the role of Eurojust (23rd Report, HL Paper 138)

Session 2004-05

After Madrid: The EU's response to terrorism (5th Report, HL Paper 53)

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