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NHS Redress Bill [HL]




[The page and line references are to Bill 137, as first printed for the Commons]

Clause 3


Page 3, line 3, leave out “and”


Page 3, line 4, at end insert “and



the giving of a report on the action which has been, or will be, taken


to prevent similar cases arising,”

Clause 6


Page 4, line 10, leave out “(3) and” and insert “(2A) to”


Page 4, line 13, leave out from “scheme” to end of line 15


Page 4, line 17, leave out paragraph (c)


Page 4, line 23, at end insert—



A scheme must—



make provision for the findings of an investigation of a case under


the scheme to be recorded in a report, and



subject to subsection (2B), make provision for a copy of the report


to be provided on request to the individual seeking redress.



A scheme may provide that no copy of an investigation report need be





before an offer is made under the scheme or proceedings under the


scheme are terminated, or



in such other circumstances as may be specified.”

Clause 8


Page 4, line 41, leave out “subsection (2)” and insert “subsections (2) and (4)”


Page 5, line 1, leave out “in connection with proceedings under the scheme”


Page 5, line 2, at end insert “to individuals seeking redress under the scheme”

HL Bill 14154/1



(  2  )


Page 5, line 12, at end insert—



A scheme that makes provision for the provision of the services of medical


experts must provide for such experts to be instructed jointly by the scheme


authority and the individual seeking redress under the scheme.”

Clause 10


Page 5, line 29, at beginning insert “Subject to subsection (2A),”


Page 6, line 9, leave out “a specified person” and insert “an individual of a specified




Page 6, line 11, leave out “and” and insert—



require a member of the scheme to charge an individual of a


specified description with responsibility for”


Page 6, line 14, leave out paragraph (i)


Page 6, line 15, at end insert—



A scheme must require a member of the scheme to prepare and publish an


annual report about cases involving the member that are dealt with under


the scheme and the lessons to be learnt from them.”

Clause 11


Page 6, line 26, leave out from “scheme” to end of line 27

After Clause 11


Insert the following new Clause—


“General duty to promote resolution under scheme


A scheme must include provision requiring the scheme authority and the


members of the scheme, in carrying out their functions under the scheme,


to have regard in particular to the desirability of redress being provided


without recourse to civil proceedings.”

Clause 12


Page 7, line 1, leave out Clause 12

Clause 19


Page 12, line 10, leave out subsection (6)

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