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Public Guardianship Office: Key Performance Targets

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Constitutional Affairs (Baroness Ashton of Upholland): The following list sets out the key performance targets that have been set for the Public Guardianship Office for 2006–07.

KPI 1: To increase the satisfaction of its customers in the delivery of its services as measured by customer surveys throughout the year.


KPI 2: To increase the proportion of effective visits by the Lord Chancellor's visitors.


Effective visits:

Visits are made to clients according to the following criteria:

New clients:

Existing clients:

28 Mar 2006 : Column WS74

In total, the PGO anticipates that these criteria will result in approximately 9,500 visits.

KPI 3: To maintain an effective system to collect and review accounts, and use this process to review the case management regime to ensure that it is meeting the needs of each customer and client.


KPI 4: To deliver an improved service to clients.



80 per cent of correspondence within 10 working days of receipt; and 98 per cent of correspondence within 15 working days of receipt.

Release of funds

Applications for Receivership

28 Mar 2006 : Column WS75

Closing cases

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Accuracy of Orders

Case Transfer to Short Order Regime

KPI 5: To demonstrate improvements in efficiency in value for money terms by meeting unit cost targets for undertaking each case in each of the main business streams as follows:


Enduring Powers of Attorney: £114 per case;

Appointing and Supervising Receivers: £580 per case.

Transport: Greater London Authority Grant

Lord Davies of Oldham: My honourable friend the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport (Derek Twigg) has made the following Ministerial Statement.

The Greater London Authority transport grant for 2006–07 has today been determined by the Secretary of State for Transport at £2,389 million, following consultation with the Mayor of London. This is a block grant provided by the Government to Transport for London to support and improve transport services in London, including London Underground. This grant determination is based on the Government's five-year settlement for TfL which was announced in July 2004, and includes the residual £6 million which is
28 Mar 2006 : Column WS76
the department's remaining share of the original £154 million development budget for Crossrail.

The Greater London Authority Transport Grant for 2005–06 has also been re-determined by the Secretary of State for Transport at £2,180.468 million. This re-determination increases the Government's grant this year to TfL by £19.453 million, and primarily reflects my department's contribution to Crossrail costs in 2005–06, additional funding for TfL's urban bus challenge projects in 2005–06, and the residual balance of the SRA's budget for the East London Line extension from 2004–05.

Tribunals Service: Performance Targets

The Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs and Lord Chancellor (Lord Falconer of Thoroton): On 1 April 2006, I will launch the Tribunals Service. The new agency brings together the tribunals already administered by DCA with five others from across central government. It is the culmination of a major programme of work that has involved extensive engagement with tribunals, other government departments and stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition and minimal disruption to users. The formation of the agency is the first major shake up of the UK tribunals system for over 50 years and will ensure the manifest independence of the tribunals from those whose decisions they are reviewing.

The Tribunals Service will work to make the whole system of administrative justice more efficient, effective and accessible for users. Over time, it will test a range of methods of dispute resolution to create a service that ensures the public can get their problems addressed by the most suitable means.

The following table sets out the key performance targets which I have set for the Tribunals Service for 2006–07.
TribunalKey Performance IndicatorsTarget
Tribunals Service
The percentage of single employment tribunal cases where the hearing begins within 26 weeks of receipt
75 per cent
The minimum percentage of above target to be achieved by individual regional offices
65 per cent
The average time taken to issue the decision of the employment tribunal to the applicant following the tribunal hearing.
Four weeks
Employment Appeals TribunalThe percentage of appeals listed for a first hearing within 26 weeks of receipt
75 per cent
Appeals ServiceThe average time from the receipt of an appeal from the original decision-making agency to the first tribunal hearing
11 weeks
The average time for a rehearing of a case returned from the Social Security Commissioner following an appeal against the original tribunal
Eight weeks
Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (shared with Home Office)The percentage of substantive asylum applications including the final appeal that is decided within six months
75 per cent
Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Panel (CICAP)The percentage of cases where a decision on eligibility for compensation is issued from receipt of the ready-to-list bundle provided by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)
75 per cent in 6 months 95 per cent in 12 months
The percentage of both eligibility and quantum (value) cases that are to be resolved within: 6 months; 12 months; and two years
65 per cent; 90 per cent; and 98 per cent
Number of appeals resolved per hearing day
Mental Health
Review TribunalThe average time taken from the date of receipt of the application to the date when the notification of the written decision is received by the applicant for: Section 2 (Mental Health Act 1983) cases; Section 3 (Mental Health Act 1983) cases; and restricted cases
7 days; 5 weeks; and 14 weeks
Special Educational Needs and Disability TribunalThe average time taken from the date of receipt of the application to the date when the notification of the written decision is received by the applicant
4.3 months
The percentage of: cases registered; case statements processed; and decisions issued within
10 working days
96 per cent; 96 per cent; and80 per cent

28 Mar 2006 : Column WS78

Copies of the Tribunals Service framework document and the business plan for 2006–07 have been placed in the Libraries of both Houses.

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