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Civil Service

Lord Kilclooney asked Her Majesty's Government:

The Minister of State, Northern Ireland Office (Lord Rooker): There have been no such discussions with senior civil servants in either Scotland or the Republic of Ireland during the past 12 months.

Climate Change

Lord Palmer asked Her Majesty's Government:

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Lord Bach): The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, is in the process of developing an adaptation policy framework which will seek to integrate adaptation to climate change impacts into the wider policy-making process so that it can be given consideration alongside other policy objectives and priorities.

A consultation document was issued in November 2005, and the consultation period ended on 31 January. More than 120 responses have been received and the results of this exercise will be published later this year.

The department also funds the UK Climate Impacts Programme, which works with a wide range of stakeholders to support them in scoping the impacts of climate change on their operations and assisting them in the development of adaptation strategies.

Lord Palmer asked Her Majesty's Government:

Lord Bach: Flood risk management is a devolved responsibility. Defra has policy responsibility in England, funds most of the Environment Agency's flood-related work and grant-aids individual projects undertaken by local authorities and internal drainage boards. The programme to manage risk is driven by
29 Mar 2006 : Column WA116
these operating authorities; Defra does not build defences, nor directs the authorities on which specific projects to undertake.

Climate change is expected to impact on flood risk through increased storminess and sea level rise and Defra advises the operating authorities on allowances to be made in the design of defences. The department's developing strategy for flood and coastal erosion risk management, Making Space for Water, aims to produce revised policy guidance on appraisal by 2007 for those implementing measures to manage flood risk. This updated guidance will take account of the latest research and developments of good practice to ensure that adaptability to climate change through robust and resilient solutions and full consideration of all economic, environmental and social impacts continues to be an integral part of all flood and coastal erosion risk management decisions.

The Government have no specific plans to strengthen protection for farmland. However, operating authorities are encouraged to consider the case for improvement on merit within a strategic catchment-wide approach to reducing flood risk. Such works may be grant-aided by Defra if they meet our criteria. Clearly issues such as value for money, maximising the benefit from public investment and long-term sustainability are key considerations when deciding how to invest taxpayers' money and building ever-higher defences in all places is unlikely to be either sustainable or cost-effective. The Government intend to continue to give priority to schemes which have maximum effect in reducing the risk of flooding to people.

Dry Stone Walls

Lord Fearn asked Her Majesty's Government:

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Lord Bach): Funding for the restoration and maintenance of stone walls is available through the agri-environment schemes, which support landscape conservation and the historical environment, including important features such as traditional field boundaries.

The entry level stewardship strand of the Environmental Stewardship Scheme provides an option to protect and maintain stone walls, and this is open to all land managers provided they meet the scheme's requirements.

The higher stewardship element of the Environmental Stewardship Scheme offers stone wall restoration capital grants to agreement holders, when taken up alongside appropriate land management options. This part of the scheme is competitive and entry into it is discretionary, based on the delivery of significant environmental benefits.
29 Mar 2006 : Column WA117

Further information can be found on the Defra website at

EU: Mercury

Lord Stoddart of Swindon asked Her Majesty's Government:

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Lord Bach): In the Government's view, the proposal as it currently stands complies with the three elements of the principles of subsidiarity, as laid down in Article 5 of the treaty. In particular, because of the multinational nature of the industry and the trans-boundary nature of the pollutant concerned, EU-level action is appropriate.

Families: Northern Ireland

Lord Maginnis of Drumglass asked Her Majesty's Government:

The Minister of State, Northern Ireland Office (Lord Rooker): I can confirm that the £500,000 from the children and young people fund package is additional money which will be used to expand the provision of children's contact centre services.
29 Mar 2006 : Column WA118

In addition to the £500,000 from the children and young people fund package, £248,962 is being allocated to the child contact centres in Northern Ireland from the Health and Social Services Trusts and the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety for financial year 2006-07. This includes funding from the Department of Social Development, Neighbourhood Renewal Programme for one Centre, which is paid through the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety.

From 1 April 2003 to 31 March 2005, £328,989 has been provided to the child contact centres.

Freedom of Information

Lord Laird asked Her Majesty's Government:

The Minister of State, Northern Ireland Office (Lord Rooker): Public authorities in Northern Ireland, including government agencies, may charge fees to provide information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Data Protection (Appropriate Limit and Fees) Regulations 2004.

Genital Warts

Baroness Gould of Potternewton asked Her Majesty's Government:

The Minister of State, Department of Health (Lord Warner): The data are set out in the following table but are available only since 2000 when strategic health authorities came into existence. Data on the costs of treating genital warts are not collected centrally.
29 Mar 2006 : Column WA117

Diagnoses of genital warts: first attack, recurrence and re-registered cases by strategic health authority and sex in England: 2000-04

Strategic Health AuthoritySex20002001200220032004
Avon, Gloucestershire & WiltshireMale2,6612,6592,6252,6552,797
Avon, Gloucestershire & WiltshireFemale2,1382,1672,1692,1552,177
Bedfordshire & HertfordshireMale1,7831,9091,7451,7851,808
Bedfordshire & HertfordshireFemale1,4301,4651,4891,5371,494
Birmingham & the Black CountryMale1,6331,9481,9861,9331,948
Birmingham & the Black CountryFemale1,2381,6651,5521,5031,456
Cheshire & MerseysideMale2,7692,6492,9142,9933,512
Cheshire & MerseysideFemale2,2292,1292,1512,3812,600
County Durham & Tees ValleyMale1,1251,1151,1191,1701,154
County Durham & Tees ValleyFemale9139449609811,017
Coventry, Warwickshire, Herefordshire & WorcestershireMale1,7951,7101,5491,5931,629
Coventry, Warwickshire, Herefordshire & WorcestershireFemale1,3571,3531,1951,2861,329
Cumbria & LancashireMale1,9932,0602,1122,2682,368
Cumbria & LancashireFemale1,5511,4741,5301,7831,748
Dorset & SomersetMale1,6141,6931,7271,7801,611
Dorset & SomersetFemale1,1591,2151,2971,1801,081
Greater ManchesterMale3,5103,6183,3304,0243,687
Greater ManchesterFemale2,7742,9112,8063,0812,962
Hampshire & Isle of WightMale1,9512,0462,1051,9261,839
Hampshire & Isle of WightFemale1,6161,6221,5761,5261,527
Kent & MedwayMale1,5701,5721,6431,5991,679
Kent & MedwayFemale1,2911,2301,2491,2031,441
Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & RutlandMale1,8321,6281,5771,5361,599
Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & RutlandFemale1,3921,2521,1651,2091,236
Norfolk, Suffolk & CambridgeshireMale2,2772,2742,2872,3532,255
Norfolk, Suffolk & CambridgeshireFemale1,8661,9551,8171,9681,917
North and East Yorkshire & Northern LincolnMale1,1551,2581,4501,6611,638
North and East Yorkshire & Northern LincolnFemale9221,1641,2651,4061,390
North Central LondonMale2,0262,2442,5002,3372,370
North Central LondonFemale1,4891,6191,7171,5001,663
North-East LondonMale2,6332,7042,8302,9972,669
North-East LondonFemale1,7961,7831,9172,0411,721
North-West LondonMale4,7114,8794,4954,1374,670
North-West LondonFemale2,8172,7912,5412,4472,676
Northumberland, Tyne & WearMale2,3812,2522,0892,1732,318
Northumberland, Tyne & WearFemale1,8871,7271,7191,6541,836
Shropshire & StaffordshireMale1,5261,5711,4391,4251,726
Shropshire & StaffordshireFemale1,1931,2551,1811,2331,268
South-East LondonMale2,4552,5512,6702,7432,679
South-East LondonFemale1,7791,7761,8361,9131,885
South-West LondonMale2,1531,9652,2392,2482,537
South-West LondonFemale1,5641,4931,6201,6261,715
South-West PeninsulaMale1,7001,7741,8761,8412,000
South-West PeninsulaFemale1,5531,6061,6421,7111,657
South YorkshireMale1,9561,9081,7671,8552,010
South YorkshireFemale1,5261,5011,4091,5211,567
Surrey & SussexMale3,4343,3953,7633,2853,096
Surrey & SussexFemale2,5922,5712,8172,6282,750
Thames ValleyMale2,7962,7822,7312,8442,709
Thames ValleyFemale2,1692,1992,1222,5332,191
West YorkshireMale2,7472,8592,8462,9662,913
West YorkshireFemale2,1572,1812,0182,0732,111

Source: KC60 Returns

  29 Mar 2006 : Column WA119

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