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Fraser of Carmyllie, Lord:

    Equality Bill [HL], Committee, [673] (6.7.05) 702.

Fraud Bill [HL]:

    1R*, [672] (25.5.05) 463; 2R, (22.6.05) 1651-77; Motion for Approval (Lord Bassam of Brighton), [673] (27.6.05) 12; Committee, (19.7.05) 1411-58.

Fraud Trials:

    Statement (Lord Goldsmith), [674] (27.10.05) WS76-7.

Freedom of Information Act 2000:

    Implementation, Statement (Baroness Ashton of Upholland), [674] (10.10.05) WS3.

    Statements (Baroness Ashton of Upholland), [672] (16.6.05) WS60-1; (23.6.05) WS86.

Freeman, Lord:

    Consumer Credit Bill, 2R, [674] (24.10.05) 1041-3.

    Debate on the Address, [672] (19.5.05) 138-40.

    Pensions, [675] (17.11.05) 1242-4.

    Sierra Leone, Question, [673] (27.6.05) 79-81.

Fritchie, Baroness:

    Introduction, [673] (19.7.05) 1347.

Fuel Duties:

    Statement (Lord McKenzie of Luton), [673] (5.7.05) WS15.

Fuel Emissions:

Further and Higher Education (Scotland) Act 2005 (Consequential Modifications) Order 2005:

    Motion to Refer to a Grand Committee (Lord Rooker), [673] (13.7.05) 1105; Grand Committee, (19.7.05) GC203-5; Motion for Approval (Lord Evans of Temple Guiting), (21.7.05) 1603.

Future Aircraft Carrier:

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