Select Committee on BBC Charter Review Written Evidence

Memorandum by D Clouston

  The BBC is institutionally religious. The BBC constantly assumes the existence of god as being as something other than an idea in the minds of believers. The major distinction is not between different irrational faiths, but between irrational faiths and common sense, between religion and no religion. Every specifically religious broadcast should be balanced by a broadcast specifically discussing non-religious atheism, humanism, rationalism or secularism.

  Thought for the Day, put out by the BBC Department of Ethics and Religion, is currently pro-religious propaganda masquerading as being neutral between religion and non-religion. It should either be ethically and honestly renamed Religious Thought for the Day, with a balancing Non-Religious Thought for the Day in a similarly prominent slot, or should include a balance between religious and non-religious speakers.

12 August 2005

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