Select Committee on BBC Charter Review Written Evidence

Memorandum by A Edwards

  As I am sure you will get vast documents offering statistical, academic, analytical and anecdotal evidence, I will keep my submission concerning religious broadcasting on the BBC very short.

  There are relatively few practising Christians in the UK who do not live within a short distance of a church; none these days, I should imagine, who do not own Bibles, and, I hope, prayer books, and any amount of other "improving" material. So why is a Morning Service broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on weekdays along with the fully fledged service on Sundays? And that's on top of Thought for the Day which at least deals with other faiths some of the time.

  Church attendances are falling, reports say. Churches closing for lack of congregations. Surely it is not the job of a public broadcaster to prop up any ailing religion—even for little old, infirm women . . . like myself. Enough is enough.

12 August 2005

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