Select Committee on BBC Charter Review Written Evidence

Memorandum by J Gordon

  The BBC charter was founded in the era of Lord Reith in the twenties.

  Religion was then firmly in charge but the current BBC practices still seem to be set in that time warp.

  Worse. With the need to seek a Charter renewal there seems now to be a desire to please the Blair faction in the Establishment with its misguided drive to make faith schools central to education. Yet the majority of those currently polled are against faith schools and, I venture to suggest, would also be against the deliberate extension of the marked religiosity of the current BBC programmes. In Nazi times no written orders had to be given since every official knew what Hitler wanted. The BBC policy makers seem to be acting on similar pressures from Mr Mark Thompson.

  Little is produced for those who do not accept religion. Thanks to an inept Census question the latter are sadly under-estimated. 40 per cent is the NSS estimate, a figure which has been approved by statisticians.

  It is my submission that faith materials should be excluded from BBC programmes with the same zeal that they are plugged nowadays.

  This would serve us all better.

8 October 2005

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