Select Committee on BBC Charter Review Written Evidence

Memorandum by Dr J Maxwell

  This is to register my protest as an individual on the amount of time the BBC allows to religious programming and religious content of ostensibly non-religious programming. I consider myself a rational person, a scientist, someone who is not persuaded to live my life according to myths and superstition that have no verification in fact—only the delusions of what others long, long ago imagined they heard in their heads, and regard the BBC's continual broadcasting of such material as an offence and insult to my intellect.If the BBC wishes to operate democratically as a provider of inclusive programming, then it ought to broadcast in equal measure programmes focused on those who live their lives amidst 21st century realities without the need to defer their decisions on morality or ethics to ancient texts or the pronouncements of a man in the sky.

12 August 2005

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