Select Committee on BBC Charter Review Written Evidence

Memorandum by D Spencer

  Religion, belief, is up to individual, should not be promoted by the state. The church should be completely separate from the state. It should receive no tax payers money in any form. If it cannot survive through its own merits, it should perish. Surely this is the ethos of the capitalist system we live under. And evolution will not stop, human society included.

Belief in an all powerful being which "made" the world, is primitive, backward, and ok for those who need such a crutch to deal with the injustices, cruelty, poverty, etc, rampant all over the planet. Most of this mayhem is being caused by the likes of Bush and Blair, who's military adventurism is justified as a moral issue via religious beliefs. God is on our side! It is just a device to hide behind when trying to grab the oil, or whatever other imperial objective is being pursued. Of course, the other lot claim Allah is on the their side.

To encourage this superstitious nonsense by any means is to prolong the death throes of something which should have gone into the dustbin of history long since.

It seems to me that religious content of the BBC's output has risen considerably over the past few years, with very little balanced programming of no faith material.

I suspect the influence of Blair and his pious gang have a lot to do with this. Since the Hutton affair, the BBC seems to have become supine, no zest for confronting ministers with hard questions. If the governors of the BBC have been tamed its independence is threatened, the population will turn even further away from the establishment, and the divisions in society will deepen. We see already a general cynicism and feeling of disconnection from the Westminster village. No one believes, or treats with suspicion, what ministers and government officials say. Where are the leaders of integrity and vision?

How can faith based schools encourage integration? The opposite, a fractured, divided society will be the outcome. Dumb the prols down, especially the children, and religion is a great way to achieve this. Feed them junk food, fill their minds with superstition,(RE), and low expectations. Blair says we must compete in the global market place. Does this mean lots of low pay jobs like in China and India? Not much for the young to look forward to, a dollar a day standard of living.

Is this really the England my fathers generation gave their all for in the last "war to end wars"?

It is essential that your committee understand the damage to society that allowing religious interests to have influence in broadcasting and government can and does do, and act accordingly.

10 October 2005

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