Select Committee on BBC Charter Review Written Evidence

Memorandum by N Vokes


    —    The BBC is the most widely available and highly respected medium through which sporting events of national interest should be the highest priority.

BROADCASTING IN THE NATIONS AND REGIONS—    The present weight of broadcasting seems to have reached a sensible level—any further dissipation is bound to reduce quality.

THE BBC WORLD SERVICE—    The BBC offers the world an unequalled, and unbiased (I hope) view of the worlds events and must be a source of encouragement and strength to oppressed people all around the world—I would only hope that this can be extended to cover all such people.

    —    It is also a great ambassador for our country building incalculable good will from free thinking people.

RELIGIOUS BROADCASTING—    There is far too much religious broadcasting, taking up a disproportionate amount of airtime. The BBC should not support or promote any religion, and religious broadcasting should definitely not be paid for by the license payer (the vast majority of which are atheist) It should be left to religions to develop their own channels of communication.

THE BBC AS COMMISSIONER VERSUS BROADCASTER—    It is good that the BBC has taken the lead in digital broadcasting.

CONNECTING TO THE LICENCE FEE PAYER—    Why does the BBC need to involve the public in its decision making processes?—as long as it carries out research to determine views and trends there is no need. We don't want vast committees developing TV programs which would be massive compromises appealing to no-one!

17 August 2005

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