Select Committee on BBC Charter Review Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 480 - 482)


Ms Helen France, Sir Howard Bernstein and Mr John Willis

  Q480  Lord Maxton: Everyone wants to come to Scotland! Have you had conversations or talks with the trade unions representing those workers?

  Sir Howard Bernstein: Yes.

  Q481  Lord Maxton: As well as with the BBC?

  Sir Howard Bernstein: Certainly our politicians have.

  Q482  Lord Maxton: Your politicians?

  Sir Howard Bernstein: Yes.

  Chairman: Good, it is very clear your evidence and I think we have covered it very well indeed. Thank you very much for coming, thank you very much for your time, and perhaps if we have any other questions we could write to you collectively to ask for information. In the meantime you are about to give me the piece of information for which I am very grateful which is called The Strategic Case: Making an Economic Impact for the BBC North West. Thank you very much.

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