Select Committee on BBC Charter Review Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 1020 - 1023)


Lord Triesman

  Q1020  Lord Maxton: I presume that is available on the website as well?

  Lord Triesman: It is, and because I liked it so much I went back to the website, which you can recapture at another time of your choosing.

  Q1021  Lord Maxton: You podcasted it, did you?

  Lord Triesman: You could not quite hear the trombones and saxophones at the same quality; it just took the edge off it for me.

  Q1022  Chairman: Just one final question, for information. Lord Carter's Report, which we have referred to a number of times, has been with the Foreign Office; for how long has it been with the Foreign Office now?

  Lord Triesman: It is still with Lord Carter and I think he is still talking to the principal partners. I think I can say, hand on heart, that the decision about whether he has arrived at the final formulations is wholly in his hands and I just hope that we will see the Report soon. We have been waiting a good time and I know that he is keen to get it out.

  Q1023  Chairman: Thank you very much. You have been very patient. We are very, very grateful for your replies and for the way you have handled the questions, and perhaps if we have got any other questions we could write to you and put them down on paper. There are one or two which have come up but we may have a few extra. Thank you very much indeed.

  Lord Triesman: I will be delighted to do that and thank you all very much.

  Chairman: Thank you.

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