Select Committee on European Union Nineteenth Report



The foreign policy of the European Union is a growth area. The EU is taking on more responsibility for the security of both its close neighbours, and for areas such as Darfur in Sudan and Aceh in Indonesia where differing crises have created desperate needs for financial and other forms of support. The more Member States act together through the EU, the more important it becomes that actions are taken in an open and transparent manner.

However, the effective scrutiny of the European Union's Common Foreign and Security Policy has proved to be a challenge due to the sometimes urgent and sensitive nature of foreign policy, and to the often unique procedures for the adoption of texts. What can be done to improve the process?

The Government should:

  • develop a culture of scrutiny and adopt efficient procedures for the deposit of documents;
  • provide early warning of important new initiatives and proposed actions; and
  • actively seek to deposit significant non-legislative documents for scrutiny.

By working closely with Government we can strive to ensure that sound foreign policies are adopted by the EU.

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