Select Committee on European Union Nineteenth Report


CFSP    Common Foreign and Security Policy

COSAC  The Conference of Community and European Affairs Committees       of Parliaments of the European Union

DEFRA  Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs

DfID    Department for International Development

DRC    Democratic Republic of Congo

EC    European Community

EC Law  European Community Law

EDA    European Defence Agency

EM    Explanatory Memorandum

ESDP    European Security and Defence Policy

EU    European Union

EU OSCE  The European Union The Organisation for Security and Co-Operation in Europe

EUPM  EU Police Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina

EUPOL  EU Police Mission in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

EUSEC  EU Security Sector Reform Mission in the Democratic Republic of
DRC    Democratic Republic of the Congo

FCO    Foreign and Commonwealth Office

GAERC  General Affairs and External Relations Council

MOD    Ministry of Defence

NATO  North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

SALW    Small Arms and Light Weapons

SOFA    Status of Forces Agreement

SOMA  Status of Mission Agreement

TEU    The Treaty on European Union

UN    United Nations

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