Select Committee on European Union Twenty-Fourth Report

CHAPTER 5: Conclusions and REcommendations

Chapter 2—The Need for the Institute

100.  We conclude that the case for a separate European Institute for Gender Equality has not been demonstrated and we recommend that further consideration should be given to the alternative of incorporating the gender equality work proposed in the activities of the proposed European Fundamental Rights Agency on which a Report will shortly be made.

Chapter 3—Administrative Questions

101.  If the Gender Institute is to be set up, we recommend that the proposed management structure should be given further consideration. We believe it is essential to develop an efficient, cost-effective structure that is proportionate to the size of the Institute. We also recommend that the Government should question the practice of automatically awarding seats on the Boards of such institutions to every Member State.

102.  We recommend that these arrangements should ensure that the Director of the Institute has adequate authority, within the limits of proper accountability, and that proper structured arrangements should be made to ensure that the advice of appropriate equality organisations and NGOs within Member States will contribute to the planning and activities of the Institute.

103.  We recommend that, if the Institute is to be set up, it should have an adequate budget to carry out its tasks properly.

Chapter 4—The Legal Base

104.  We recommend that the Government, together with the Member States and the Commission, should develop an understanding of what "incentive measures" means and what kind of proposals should be adopted on the basis of an "incentive measures" legal base. Given the current divide in opinion within the Council, is seems likely that this will not be an easy task.

105.  We recommend that the Government should, in principle, adopt a consistent line in dealing with legal bases. We welcome the Government's clarification of how they intend to approach legal bases for proposals which create agencies and urge them to ensure that all Departments are aware of the agreed approach.

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