Select Committee on European Union Progress of Scrutiny Sixteenth Report


Documents referred to the Select Committee or one of its Sub-Committees

NOTE: Documents are categorised according to whether they are awaiting scrutiny or are under scrutiny. Documents appearing in the list for the first time are asterisked (*). Documents appearing in a new category for the first time are daggered (†). The Department responsible for each proposal is indicated in brackets. Documents deposited under Titles V or VI of the Treaty on European Union (the Inter-governmental Pillars) are marked (P).

Letters to HM Government are to the Department issuing the EM, unless otherwise stated.


MEMBERSHIP: Chairman: Lord Grenfell

Lord Blackwell, Lord Bowness, Lord Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood, Lord Dubs, Lord Geddes, Lord Goodhart, Lord Hannay of Chiswick, Lord Harrison, Lord Maclennan of Rogart, Lord Marlesford, Lord Neill of Bladen, Lord Radice, Lord Renton of Mount Harry, Baroness Thomas of Walliswood, Lord Tomlinson, Lord Woolmer of Leeds, Lord Wright of Richmond.

(For further information please contact the Clerk, Simon Burton, 020 7219 6083)

i.  Documents awaiting consideration by the Select Committee
COM (2005) 462 final Report from the Commission: "Outcome of the screening of legislative proposals pending before the legislator" (Cabinet Office)
Sifted 8 November 2005
5916/05Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament on "Strategic objectives 2005-2009 - Europe 2010: A Partnership for European Renewal - Prosperity, Solidarity and Security" (FCO) (COM(05) 12)
Sifted 22 February 2005
7797/05 + Add 1Commission Communication: Better Regulation for Growth and Jobs in the European Union, (COM(05) 97; and Commission Staff Working Document: Annex to the Communication on better Regulation for Growth and Jobs in the European Union: Minimising administrative costs imposed by legislation. Detailed outline of a possible EU Net Administrative Cost Model, (SEC(05) 175) (Cabinet Office)
Sifted 5 April 2005.

Report published 8 September 2005: HL Paper 33, EU 9th Report

13807/05Commission Communication to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions: Unlocking Europe's full potential; Commission Legislative and Work Programme 2006 (FCO)
Sifted 22 November 2005
14495/05 15834/05 + Add 1Transparency in the Council (FCO)
Sifted 24 January 2006
14775/05Communication from the Commission to the Council, the European Parliament, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions on the Commission's contribution to the period of reflection and beyond: Plan-D for Democracy, Dialogue and Debate (FCO)
Sifted 13 December 2005
15216/05 16065/05Draft Operational Programme of the Council for 2006 submitted by the incoming Austrian and Finnish Presidencies (FCO)
Sifted 24 January 2006
5992/06White Paper on a European Communication Policy (FCO)
Sifted 14 March 2006
*7987/06Report from the Commission - Annual Report 2005 on the relations with the National Parliaments (FCO)
Sifted 6 June 2006
*9390/06Communication from the Commission to the European Council: A Citizens' Agenda - Delivering results for Europe (FCO)
Sifted 6 June 2006
*9393/06Communication from the Commission to the European Council: The Period of Reflection and Plan D (FCO)
Sifted 6 June 2006

iii  Document under scrutiny

In connection with the Select Committee's inquiry into further enlargement of the EU
9051/06Commission Communication: Enlargement, Two Years After - An Economic Success (FCO)
Sifted 25 May 2006
*9465/06 (+ Add 1,2 & 3)2006 Monitoring Report on the state of preparedness for EU membership of Bulgaria and Romania (FCO)
Sifted 13 June 2006

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