Select Committee on European Union Written Evidence

Letter from the Chairman to Lord Pearson

  Thank you very much for your letter of 6 March concerning the Select Committee's current inquiry into "Public awareness and the role of the House of Lords in the EU legislative process".

  The Committee had originally set a deadline of 6 February for written evidence submissions for this inquiry. In the Weekly Bulletin dated 10 February this deadline was extended until 28 February as the inquiry had, erroneously, been left out of the Weekly Bulletin listings until the issue of Friday 3 February.

  At its meeting on Tuesday 14 February the Committee deliberated on the written evidence it had received to date and, as a result, decided to focus the inquiry on "Public Awareness and the role of the House of Lords in the EU legislative process". The Committee's revised focus for the inquiry was printed in the Weekly Bulletin dated 17 February as follows, "the Committee . . . decided, as a contribution to the fostering of a more informed public understanding of the work of the EU, to focus its inquiry on the identification of practical steps that could be taken to broaden and improve public understanding of the work of the House of Lords in scrutinising EU legislation. The deadline for written evidence remained 28 February, allowing just under two weeks for further written submissions, and witnesses were called to give oral evidence on the basis of this revised focus. This information was repeated in the Weekly Bulletin dated 3 March, to which you refer in your letter.

  Although the deadline for written evidence has now officially expired I would be delighted to receive your views on the inquiry, in the form of an official written submission or otherwise, and would ensure they were drawn to the attention of the Committee.

  I hope this letter will clear up any lingering misunderstandings about both the timing of the responses to our call for evidence and the focus of our inquiry.

8 March 2006

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