Select Committee on European Union Thirty-Fourth Report


ACP    African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States

AMIS    African Union Mission in Sudan

AMU    Arab Maghreb Union

APF    African Partnership Forum

APF    African Peace Facility

APRM  African Peer Review Mechanism

ASEAN  Association of South East Asian Nations

ASF    African Standby Force

AU    African Union

CADSP  Common African Defence and Security Policy

CAP    Common Agricultural Policy

CEMAC  Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa

CEWS  Continental Early Warning System

CFSP    Common Foreign and Security Policy

COMESA  Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa

COREPER  Committee of Permanent Representatives

CSPs    Country Strategy Papers

DCECI  Development Co-operation and Economic Co-operation Instrument

DfID    Department for International Development

DG RELEX  Directorate General External Relations

DITF    Darfur Integrated Task Force

DRC    Democratic Republic of Congo

EAC    East African Community

ECA    Economic Commission for Africa

ECAs    Export Credit Agencies

ECCAS  Economic Community of Central African States

ECOSOC  Economic and Social Council

ECOSOCC  Economic, Social and Cultural Council

ECOWAS  Economic Community of West African States

EDF    European Development Fund

EIDHR  European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights

ENP    European Neighbourhood Policy

ENPI    European Neighbourhood Instrument

EOMSs  European Union Election Monitoring Missions

EPAs    Economic Partnership Agreements

ESDP    European Security and Defence Policy

EU    European Union

Kinshasa  European Union Police Mission in Kinshasa

DR Congo  European Union Security Sector Reform Mission in the Democratic
    Republic of Congo

EUSRs  European Union Special Representatives

FAO    Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

FCO    Foreign and Commonwealth Office

G8    United Kingdom; France; Russia; Germany; United States of America;
    Japan; Italy; Canada; European Union

GAERC  General Affairs and External Relations Council

GEMAP  Governance and Economic Management Assistance Programme

GNI    Gross National Income

HAI    Humanitarian Aid Instrument

HIPC    Heavily Indebted Poor Countries

HSGIC  Heads of State and Government Implementation Committee

IFAD    International Fund for Agricultural Development

IFIs    International Finance Institutions

IGAD    Inter-Governmental Authority on Development

IMF    International Monetary Fund

IPA    Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance

IPU    Integrated Police Unit

IQSG    Inter-Quality Support Group

MDGs  Millennium Development Goals

MFA    Macro-Financial Assistance

MONUC  United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo

MSC    Military Staffs Committee

NATO  North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NEPAD  New Partnership for Africa's Development

NGOs    Non-Governmental Organisations

OAU    Organisation of African Unity

ODA    Official Development Assistance

OECD  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

POW    Panel of the Wise

PSC    Peace and Security Council

PSOF    Peace Support Operation Facility

PTSG    Partnership Technical Support Group

RECs    Regional Economic Communities

RRM    Rapid Reaction Mechanism

SADC    Southern African Development Community

SADCC  Southern African Development Co-ordinating Conference

SHAPE  North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's Supreme Allied Powers

SI    Stability Instrument

TDCA  Trade, Development and Co-operation Agreement


Programme  The main financial instrument for the Euro-Mediterranean

UN    United Nations

UNAIDS  Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

UNCTAD  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNDP  United Nations Development Programme

UNFPA  United Nations Population Fund


HABITAT  United Nations Human Settlements Programme

UNHCR  United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNICEF  United Nations Children's Fund

WFP    World Food Programme

WHO    World Health Organisation

WTO    World Trade Organisation

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