Select Committee on European Union Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 340-341)

Mr Nicholas Grono, Mr Gareth Evans AO QC and Mr Romit Jain

21 MARCH 2006

  Q340  Chairman: What is your number one recommendation?

  Mr Grono: The number one recommendation is that, yes, the focus on peace and security is absolutely essential to development, but let us see how it is operationalised. I was not aware that you were focusing specifically on the implementation side of the strategy, because my prime concern about the strategy has been that it says all the right things, it addresses all the right topics, none of which we would ever disagree with, but does not say how you get from the big picture to the actual implementation.

Chairman: That is why we are doing it!

  Q341  Lord Hannay of Chiswick: There was not much point in us trying to comment on the strategy anyway, since they have got it. That would be a waste of time.

  Mr Grono: I have pulled out, very briefly, a couple of their previous statements which say all of these things and which are still being addressed. I know that there is a commitment for an implementation plan, and so I would be very interested to see it.

Chairman: Thank you very much indeed.

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