Select Committee on European Union Thirty-Fifth Report

Current Developments in European Defence

1.  In this Report we make available, for the information of the House, the oral evidence given to Sub-Committee C (Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development Policy) by Dr Sarah Beaver,[1] Mr Andrew Mathewson[2] and Mr Bob Regan,[3] Ministry of Defence, on 15 June 2006. We thank them for their time.

2.  Key topics in the evidence are:

  • the financial framework of the European Defence Agency (EDA) QQ 2-3;
  • progress towards the Headline Goal 2010 QQ 4-5, 19-27;
  • strategic airlift QQ 6-18;
  • the use of battlegroups in ESDP[4] missions QQ 28-30;
  • the use of maritime forces in ESDP missions QQ 31-33;
  • spending on defence research and technology (R&T) QQ 34-42;
  • cooperation on defence R&T QQ 43-49;
  • the Code of Best Practice in the Supply Chain QQ 50-52; and
  • the Commission consultation on the European Defence Equipment Market[5] Q 53.

1   Director General, International Security Policy. Back

2   Director, EU and UN. Back

3   Defence Procurement Agency. Back

4   The European Defence and Security Policy. Back

5   Commission paper on the intra-Community circulation of products for the defence of Member States, Brussels 21 March 2006. Back

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