Select Committee on European Union Forty-Third Report

Current Developments in European Foreign Policy

1.  The Committee asked the Minister for Europe, Rt Hon Geoff Hoon MP, to give evidence on the most recent developments in European Foreign Policy. We thank the Minister for his time.

2.  In this Report we make available, for the information of the House, the oral evidence given to Sub-Committee C (Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development Policy) by the Minister for Europe, accompanied by Mr Dominic Schroeder, Head of Common Foreign and Security Policy, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and Mr David Quarrey, Deputy Director, Middle East and North African Department, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, on 13 July 2006.

3.  Key topics in the evidence are:

  • The Commission Communication: 'Europe in the World'[1] (QQ 1-35)
  • The Northern Dimension (QQ 36 and 38)
  • Russia and the G8 Summit (Q 37)
  • Kosovo and Serbia (QQ 39-41)
  • Forthcoming elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (QQ 42-44)
  • The Middle East Peace Process (QQ 45-50)
  • EU-China dialogue on Africa (Q 51)
  • Iran's nuclear powers (Q 52)

1   10325/06 Communication from the Commission to the European Council on 'Europe in the World-Some Practical Proposals for Greater Coherence, Effectiveness and Visibility'. See also 10633/06 European Council, Presidency Conclusions, 16 June 2006. Back

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